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A Better World is a silver trophy that can be earned in Beyond: Two Souls. It is an opposite to Saved All trophy and requires to allow the death of every possible character in game, and chose to go with them to the Infraworld. It cannot be earned by choosing the "No Save" option, therefore killing a character and quitting the chapter, and then jumping to the next chapter to kill another character will not work. All of the characters must be killed in a single playthrough. Killing all of these characters will grant the trophy.

Characters to Die[]

  • Walter and Jimmy in the chapter Homeless. Do not use Aiden to help them out of their rooms, or wait until Jodie collapses. This will result with them burning alive in their rooms.
  • Paul in the chapter Navajo. Carry on with the ritual and do not help him using Aiden. He will die in the end.
  • Norah Gray in the chapter Norah. Before leaving her room, use Aiden to stop her heart. She dies smiling.
  • Cole Freeman and Ryan Clayton in the chapter Black Sun. To kill Cole, simply do not help him to get to the elevator, and do not heal him using Aiden. To kill Ryan, it is required to anger Nathan Dawkins ("Blame" and "Cold" normally work), who will try to shoot Jodie. Do not take the prompt to kill him with Aiden. Ryan jumps in front of her, sacrificing himself for her.

Other Trophies Affected[]