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"Okay, Holmes, time for business..."
—Nick to Jodie

"Advanced Experiments" is the optional bonus (chronologically the thirteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


"Advanced Experiments" is a DLC bonus level in Beyond: Two Souls that is included in the Special Edition.


Jodie is transported to an arena specially developed by the DPA to see whether or not she can use Aiden to the maximum. The player has 30 minutes to solve seven puzzles, which gradually increase in difficulty and require Jodie and Aiden to be used in conjunction.

When finished, Nick will either criticize or congratulate Jodie, depending on how much time is taken to complete the puzzles. Should the player complete the puzzles relatively quickly, Nick will congratulate Jodie. He will say that he knew Aiden and Jodie were good, and states he didn't expect them to finish the puzzles that fast. He also tells Aiden that he outdid himself and was excellent in the course, to which Aiden replies, most likely thanking Nick.


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  • This DLC takes place during the first year of Jodie's training at Camp Peary. She sports short hair (slightly longer than during the first hand-to-hand and stealth/firearms exercises in "Welcome to the CIA") and Nick still calls her "Recruit Holmes."
  • The arena's design and mechanics are similar to those of the Portal series.
  • Though difficult as it is hard to see, it is possible to complete the third puzzle without using Aiden at all. However, the puzzle can be completed much faster if Aiden is used.
  • If the player completes the puzzles with 15 minutes or less remaining, Nick will admonish Jodie and give her another chance to complete the exercise.
  • There are no trophies in the DLC.



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