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This is the transcript of "Advanced Experiments," the bonus DLC chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie in an arena developed by the DPA. A door opens, revealing Nick. As he speaks, a 30-minute timer is visible on the wall behind Jodie.)

Nick: Okay, Holmes, time for business. The purpose of this exercise is to see if you and Aiden are capable of problem solving in the field. Your aim is simple: you have to collaborate with Aiden to advance through the course and find the way out. You're gonna have to use your brain and keep your cool under pressure. The DPA's top brass have designed this training facility especially for you and Aiden, so do not let them down. I'll be in the control room keeping track of your progress. Good luck, Recruit Holmes.

(Nick is about to leave, but stops.)

Nick: Go for it, Jodie. Just do your thing!

(Nick smiles and winks at Jodie before leaving. The timer begins, and will beep once for every five minutes that pass. After Jodie exits through the first door, she comes to another door which is locked.)

Jodie (telepathically): Go for it, Aiden.

(Aiden must blast the panel on the wall to open the door. Once he does, Jodie continues to the next room.)

(In the second room, Aiden must blast apart the blocks, allowing Jodie to access a scanner on the other side. Jodie must crawl through a passage to reach the next room.)

(In the third room, Jodie must make her way through a dark room, while Aiden must light up the panels to guide her. Once Jodie has reached the door, it will open automatically, allowing her to proceed.)

(If the player waits before switching to Aiden in this room:)

Jodie: Can you see anything, Aiden?

(In the fourth room, Jodie and Aiden must activate a series of panels to douse the fire. Once successful, Aiden must pass through the door and blast a panel in the next room to unlock it.)

(If the player waits to unlock the door in this room:)

Jodie: Try to unlock the door from the other side.

(In the fifth room, Aiden must knock over a block, which Jodie must then climb on top of. Aiden must then blast a panel, activating a lift that takes Jodie to the next door.)

(In the sixth room, Jodie must activate a scanner. From here, Aiden must blast the wrecking ball so that it is caught by the magnet, blast the panel so that the ball is raised upwards, then blast the wrecking ball again so that it destroys the blocks. Once Jodie is on the other side of the blocks, Aiden must blast a nearby ladder so that Jodie can reach another scanner. Once Jodie has activated the scanner, Aiden can blast the lift controls.)

(In the seventh room, Jodie must climb up the wall directly across from the lift. Aiden must blast the platform to move it closer to Jodie, then blast it again once she has stepped onto it. Once Jodie is on the other side, Aiden must blast the bars so that Jodie can climb across them, then blast a panel to bring down a lift for Jodie to jump onto. Aiden must blast the same panel again to send the lift upwards. On the other side of the room, Aiden must blast a panel to activate part of a platform, which slides out from the wall. Jodie must jump over the gap, then cross a narrow section. If she fails to jump over the gap, she hangs onto the edge and must pull herself up. Once Jodie is on the side where the door is visible, Aiden must blast another platform to move it closer to Jodie, then blast it twice more once she has stepped onto it. Jodie must activate the scanner, then return to the platform. Once Jodie is on the platform, Aiden must blast the platform once to send her to the middle of the track it is on, then blast the panel to the right of the door to activate a lift below the door. Jodie must exit through the door to complete the exercise.)

(After exiting the seventh door, Jodie is met again by Nick. The time remaining is displayed on the timer.)

(If the player completed the exercise with 15 minutes or less remaining:)

Nick: Yeah... you came through okay, but I expected better than that from you, Recruit Holmes. It took far too long, you have to act and think faster! You can do better than that! Let's have another go.

(The player is given another attempt at the course.)

(If the player completed the exercise with 18 minutes or more remaining:)

Nick: Whoa! I am blown away, Jodie.

(Jodie smiles.)

Nick: I know what you can do, but that... You just sailed right through the exercise. Next time, we're gonna have to find something a little more... difficult. Well done, Jodie!

(Nick looks up.)

Nick: You too, Aiden. You really outdid yourself there, buddy!

(Aiden is heard. The chapter ends.)