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"I don't know how to tell you this Jodie, so I'm just going to tell you..."
—Philip, trying to explain the situation to Jodie

"Alone" is the thirteenth (chronologically the fourth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie's parents visit her at the lab and deliver some bad news.


In Jodie's apartment, her foster parents are visiting her, along with Cole and Nathan. Jodie is sitting on the couch looking very despondent. Philip walks over to her, and bluntly tells her with little remorse that Susan and he are being transferred to another base. Jodie does not react to Philip when he says that she will be staying at the lab with Cole and Nathan. Turning around to look at Susan, he promises Jodie that, after a while, she could join them in their new home.

Distressed, Susan kneels down, telling Jodie to "be brave" and everything will work out for the best. Susan embraces Jodie and is visibly distressed at their departure. Philip impatiently urges Susan to hurry up. Susan pulls away, and makes to leave.

As Philip leaves, Aiden can choose to choke him. Should the player choose to do so Philip will start to choke. As Philip falls to his knees Susan will start to panic and ask for someone to do something. Nathan will realize what is going on and tries to make Jodie stop. Jodie, for a moment, just watches on in silence and even a bit of uncaring intrigue, before Nathan pulls her back with a heartfelt plea. Jodie snaps out of it and begs Aiden to stop, who quickly does so. Philip calls her evil and a monster and runs out, leaving Susan behind. As she leaves, she takes one last look at Jodie, fear in her eyes.

If Aiden doesn't do anything, Philip and Susan will leave normally. Nathan goes up to a crying Jodie, and assures her that he will be there for her.


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  • Path #1
    • Left Jodie's father unharmed
    • Choked Jodie's father


  • Sorry - Do not choke Philip.
  • Not My Father - Choke Philip using Aiden. It is not possible to kill him, but taking this action will end the chapter.
  • Uncontrollable - Choking Philip contributes toward earning this trophy.



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