Beyond: Two Souls Wiki

Video interviews with the cast and creators of Beyond: Two Souls as well as demonstrations and Q&A sessions are collected here when possible. There are occasions of adult language during some interviews.

Joystiq Videos September 2013


Beyond Two Souls Video Preview

Video preview of B:TS

TV Spot September 2013


Beyond- Two Souls - 60 Second "Guilt" TV Spot

One minute "guilt" spot

Comparative Playthroughs September 2013


Beyond Two Souls Hunted Alternate Playthrough 1 of 2

First of two playthroughs of a section titled "Hunted" demonstrating one possible ending. *spoilers*


Beyond Two Souls Hunted Alternate Playthrough 2 of 2

Second of two playthroughs of a section titled "Hunted" demonstrating a second possible ending. *spoilers*

Tribeca Film Festival May 2013


BEYOND- Two Souls Tribeca Trailer

Tribeca Film Festival's Beyond: Two Souls Trailer


BEYOND- Two Souls Tribeca Film Festival Homeless Scene

Latest demo footage *spoilers*


Beyond Two Souls - Q&A (2013 Tribeca Film Festival)

Q&A with Ellen Page, Kadeem Hardison, Eric Winter and David Cage following the debut of the 35-minute demo at the Tribeca Film Festival


BEYOND- Two Souls Screened LIVE From Tribeca Film Festival

Live screening of Beyond: Two Souls


BEYOND- Two Souls Tribeca Film Festival Highlights

Highlights from the presentation of Beyond: Two Souls

Making of Beyond Two Souls August 2013


Making Of BEYOND- Two Souls - The Soundtrack

Focuses on the music of B:TS.

Joystiq: Beyond Two Souls Making of July 2013


Making Of BEYOND- Two Souls - The Gameplay

Joystiq's interview and behind the scenes look at B:TS's gameplay creation.

IGN's Rewind Theater March-June 2013


IGN Rewind Theater - Beyond- Two Souls - Willem Dafoe Introduction

The hosts break down and review the "Supernatural Testing Scene" trailer.


IGN Rewind Theater - Is it Us or Does Beyond- Two Souls Look Crazy?

The hosts break down and review the trailer of Beyond: Two Souls from the Tribeca Film Festival.


IGN Rewind Theater - Beyond Two Souls

The hosts do a frame-by-frame breakdown of the Beyond: Two Souls trailer.

Game Play Footage from March 2013


Beyond Two Souls Gameplay - Supernatural Testing Scene

*spoilers* Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins work with a very young Jodie and Aiden.


Beyond Two Souls Gameplay Examined

*spoilers* GameSpot's analysts break down the footage from the March release.

Willem Dafoe's Participation Announced 2013


BEYOND Two Souls Willem Dafoe Behind The Scenes

Willem Dafoe voices his thoughts on B:TS and we get to see more of the performance capture process.


BEYOND- Two Souls - Willem Dafoe Reveal Trailer

Willem Dafoe's character, Nathan Dawkins, is introduced along with new game footage.

PS4 Announcement 2013


Quantic Dream's PS4 Tech Demo

David Cage demonstrates Quantic Dream's engine on PS4 and reviews the history of hardware capability via QD's games.

Comi-Con 2012


Beyond Two Souls - Ellen Page and David Cage Interview - Comic-Con 2012

IGN's Eric Miller interviews David Cage and Ellen Page.


Comic-Con - Beyond Two Souls - David Cage, Ellen Page and Kadeem Hardison

IGN's Eric Miller hosts GameSpot's Beyond: Two Souls Panel; Featuring Kadeem Hardison (Cole Freeman), Ellen Page (Jodie Holmes), and David Cage.


Ellen Page and David Cage discuss BEYOND Two Souls (UK)

David Cage and Ellen Page sit down with Jeff Rubinstein from the PlayStation Blog after the panel at Comi-Con.

Gamescom 2012


Beyond Two Souls David Cage Master Class (Gamescom 2012)

David Cage and Steve Olsen (motion capture lead) discuss and demonstrate motion capture vs. performance capture.


GamesCom 2012 Beyond Two Souls Presentation with David Cage

David Cage and Steve Olsen (motion capture lead) discuss and demonstrate motion capture vs. performance capture. Featuring Ellen Page (Jodie Holmes), Kadeem Hardison (Cole Freeman), and Eric Winter.

E3 2012


E3 2012 Day 1- BEYOND- Two Souls™ with David Cage

Meredith Molinari's interview with David Cage at E3 2012


Beyond Two Souls David Cage Interview E3 2012

Q&A with David Cage


Beyond Two Souls - E3 2012 Debut Cinematic and Announcement

Beyond: Two Souls debut cinematic and announcement


BEYOND Two Souls ™ E3 Trailer

Beyond: Two Souls trailer