Beyond: Two Souls Wiki

This Manual of Style is intended as a guide for the Beyond: Two Souls Wiki, to help with editing and style. It is a guideline and can be overridden when circumstances warrant it. However, please try to keep to the advice outlined here when possible, so that others may use your edits as an example when creating and writing their own articles.

Language and Style

The Beyond: Two Souls Wiki's primary language is English. For languages other than English, please see the sibling wikis in other languages found in the interwiki links. Currently, Beyond: Two Souls has sibling wikis in the following languages: German/Deutsch, Russian/Русский.

In-universe article content about past, pre-game events (i.e. events that would fall under the Background section in a character article) is written in past tense. Events that take place during the game are written in present tense. Due to the default non-linear timeline, all articles are written in chronological order and thus contain spoilers. Use the Spoiler Banner on articles with sensitive content.

Information should always be sourced. Sourcing information helps identify misinformation when it appears. Unsourced, invented or fanon information should not be added to pages, to avoid confusion. If something is implied based on the available information (for example, the placement of an event on the timeline), that can be added if it's grounded in information available from the game or supplementary material that can be accessed and verified. If a contradiction arises, having a source makes it easier to resolve it.

Lead Section

Unless an article is very short, it should have a lead section before its first subheading. The lead section does not need a heading of its own and should be between one or two paragraphs long. If possible, the title should be the subject of the first sentence of the article. For example, write "Jodie Holmes is the primary playable character and protagonist of [[Beyond: Two Souls]]."

Put the title in bold the first time it is mentioned in the article. Avoid using bold elsewhere in the first sentence unless it is referring to an alternative title for the article. Additionally, the bold reiteration of a title does not need links.


Other articles on the wiki are linked on their first occurrence in an article. In longer articles with sections, they can be relinked on their first occurrence in the sections. Links in lists and infoboxes are exempt from this and should always be linked.

Table of Contents

A table of contents will automatically appear with a minimum of four headings, unless forced by the options below. By default this will be left-aligned above the first section heading. If displayed, the table of contents appears after the lead section and before the first subheading.

  • To force a TOC position (left-aligned): __TOC__
  • To completely remove the TOC from a page: __NOTOC__

The table of contents can be right-aligned, but only if it is very long (over 15 entries) and an information box is not occupying the top-right corner of the article (rare exceptions exist).

  • Right-aligned TOC that floats next to text: {{tocright}}


Articles are categorized in one or more applicable categories. Some infoboxes automatically categorize articles in a standard category, but other categories can or need to be added manually. See Special:Categories for a list of all existing categories. All categories should be available from Category:Beyond: Two Souls Wiki, via subcategories.

Images and Media

When choosing images, keep in mind placement, size, and the appropriateness of the image to the section. Additionally, images should be appropriately named. Shorter file names are preferred, since this makes it easier to add them to multiple pages. Here are some ideas

  • Include the main topic(s) and any necessary description/numbering to distinguish it.
  • Add the source/type -- for example, the game chapter the image is from, the concept art, etc.
  • If you are posting a better-quality version of an image that already exists on the wiki, it can be posted under the same name as the previous image. Images with different content should get a new name of their own.

Media is also categorized by medium. Images go in the Images category, videos go in the Videos category, and so on.


Write from an impersonal perspective. Do not use "I"; this draws attention to the author (you) and can take away from the content of the article.

If you want to improve an article, do it. If you see a mistake, correct it. Even if you make a mistake, someone can help you, or you can use this article (and the links to the Community pages) to help yourself. Above all, be kind to each other. No editor is perfect, but every editor can make valued and helpful contributions.