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Hello, fellow editor! This page is the Beyond: Two Souls Wiki's To-Do List. It houses tasks you can do to help improve the wiki and ensure its completeness. If you complete any of the tasks below, leave a message for one of the active admins on their wall, and they'll move it to the Completed Tasks section and thank you for it.

Ongoing Tasks[]

  • Make sure all video links work, and replace any broken or missing file links.
  • Keep all actors', composers', and staff members' articles updated.
  • Add interwiki links to corresponding articles on foreign-language Beyond: Two Souls wikis.
  • Create detailed transcripts for all of the chapters in Beyond: Two Souls and complete the ones that have been started.
  • Create detailed transcripts for all Beyond: Two Souls-related media, such as trailers, making-of videos, etc.
  • Remove unsourced events such as birthdates from the timeline, or find sources for them if possible.
  • Replace all character infobox pictures with higher-quality images.
  • Locate and upload all known concept artwork to the correct pages.

Completed Tasks[]

Check back here soon!