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This is the transcript of "Black Sun," the twenty-fourth chapter in the original version and the twenty-fifth chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with military personnel being briefed by General McGrath.)

General McGrath: The active condenser in the Republic of Kazirstan has been destroyed and the rift is now inaccessible. We are now the only nation with access to the Infraworld. This situation opens up new strategic and military perspectives. Now we're going to launch new programs to discover possible energy resources and develop military applications. We've already found ways of linking entities to human soldiers, and this is just the beginning.

(Jodie sits nearby, unimpressed.)

General McGrath: Now this is more important than the race to space or developing nuclear capability. We have discovered a new world... A world for us to conquer. This is the beginning of a new era for our nation.

(Jodie gets up and exits the conference room. She approaches Ryan and sits next to him.)

Ryan: Pentagon top brass getting you down?

(If Jodie chooses "McGrath":)

Jodie: McGrath makes me sick. He's just typical cynical asshole. You know, I would be doing the country a favor if I let Aiden take care of him.

(If Jodie chooses "Cynical":)

Jodie: Big boys and their new toys. I preferred to leave before barfing all over their carpet.

(If Jodie chooses "Irony":)

Jodie: They were busy talking about their plans to take over the world, so I left them to it.

(If Jodie chooses "Indifferent":)

Jodie: I did what they wanted me to do. It's not my business anymore.

(After choosing an option:)

Ryan: Yeah, we played our part in all of this.

(If Jodie chooses "Regrets":)

Jodie: I shouldn't have accepted that mission. I was only thinking about my freedom, and that was stupid.

(If Jodie chooses "Indifferent":)

Jodie: It's a little late for regrets.

(If Jodie chooses "Manipulated":)

Jodie: They told us we were doing the right thing. But all we did was allow the Pentagon alone to control the Infraworld.

(If Jodie chooses "Right":)

Jodie: We did the right thing. I don't think humanity needs a Third World War.

(After choosing an option, Jodie stands up.)

Ryan: What are you gonna do now?

(If Jodie chooses "Friends":)

Jodie: Maybe I'll go back to the people I like. The people who like me for who I truly am. I haven't met too many along the way.

(If Jodie chooses "Normal Life":)

Jodie: Leave. Go somewhere far away and... Just try and lead a normal life.

(If Jodie chooses "Far Away":)

Jodie: Go as far away from here as possible. Try and forget about what a mess my life has been so far.

(If Jodie chooses "Don't Know":)

Jodie: I don't know. I think I need some time to figure it out. Figure out what I really want.

(After choosing an option:)

Jodie: And what about you?

Ryan: CIA has it all mapped out for me. Top tier, big car, golf meetings... I mean, I haven't given them an answer yet, but it's worth considering.

(Ryan stands up.)

Ryan: Listen. Jodie, I... I know it's been complicated between us, and I didn't always do the right thing. But maybe we could start again. You know, try and build something together. I mean, after all the stuff we've been through, maybe we could make it work.

(If Jodie chooses "Aiden":)

Jodie: What about Aiden?

Ryan: I'll get used to him, and I'm sure he'll end up getting used to me. We have something in common, we both care about you.

(Jodie must choose another option.)

(If Jodie chooses "Accept":)

Jodie: It's worth a try.

(Jodie and Ryan kiss.)

Ryan: I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. And you'll forget about all this.

(If Jodie chooses "Refuse":)

Jodie: You lied to me. I could never trust you again. I'm sorry, Ryan.

(If Jodie chooses "Think":)

Jodie: I'm... I'm not ready. I think I need some time. I'm sorry, Ryan.

(If Jodie rejected Ryan or told him she needed time:)

Ryan: I understand. Look, whatever you do... Just remember I'll always be there for you.

(After Jodie chooses an option, or chooses a second one if she asked about Aiden, Cole approaches them.)

Cole: (to Jodie) Ah, there you are! Nathan's looking for you. Come on, I'll take you to his office. (to Ryan) Later, Ryan. Oh, you know what? I got a single malt in my office that needs sharing. Meet you in a few?

(If Jodie gave Ryan a second chance:)

Ryan: Never say no to a single malt.

Cole: Great, I'll see you in a bit. Let's go, Jodie. Nathan's waiting.

(Jodie and Ryan smile at each other.)

(If Jodie rejected Ryan or told him she needed time:)

Ryan: No, I don't think I...

Cole: Come on. Don't make me drink it alone, waste of a good bottle. I tell you what, I'll find you, okay? This way, Jodie.

(After one of the above dialogues, Jodie follows Cole to the elevator.)

Cole: Some decisions are hard to make, huh, Jodie?

(If Jodie chooses "Don't Speak":)

Jodie: I'd rather not talk about it.

Cole: I get it. None of my business.

Jodie: But thanks for worrying about me, Cole.

(If Jodie chooses "Regrets":)

Jodie: I just hope I make the right one.

(If Jodie chooses "Sure":)

Jodie: Someone's always decided for me. It's time I make my own choices.

(If Jodie chose "Regrets" or "Sure":)

Cole: Just do what your heart tells you. Then you'll know you made the right decision.

(Jodie and Cole exit the elevator.)

(If Jodie wanders away from Cole:)

Cole: Are you coming? It's this way.

(If Jodie looks out of the window:)

Cole: We call it the Black Sun. The most powerful condenser ever built. We let the Infraworld expand around it, makes it easier to study.

Jodie: Has anyone been in there?

Cole: I don't think anyone could survive it. Nothing in there but our worst nightmares. Come on, let's go.

(Once Jodie approaches Nathan's office:)

Cole: Alright, here we are. Call me when you're done, I'll come pick you up.

Jodie: Okay.

Cole: Whatever Nathan says, be careful.

(Jodie knocks on the door.)

Nathan (behind door): Come in!

(Jodie enters Nathan's office and approaches the desk.)

Nathan: Jodie! I'm so glad to see you safe.

(Nathan hugs Jodie.)

Jodie: I kept my part of the bargain. Now it's the CIA's turn.

Nathan: As far as the CIA is concerned, you no longer exist.

(Nathan hands her an envelope containing a passport.)

Nathan: You're now Elizabeth North. A new identity, a new life.

(Jodie takes a check from the envelope.)

Nathan: $500,000 for services rendered. That should help make a new start.

(If Jodie chooses "Refuse":)

Jodie: I'm starting a new life. I don't want anything that reminds me of the old one.

(If Jodie chooses "Accept":)

Jodie: Thanks.

(After choosing an option, Jodie turns to leave but is stopped by Nathan.)

Nathan: Before you go... There's one last thing I'd like to ask. When my wife and daughter disappeared in that accident fifteen years ago, I wanted to die too. I cried a lot, banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out why? Why? Why them? Never being able to hold them again... It was like a wound that wouldn't heal. But then you came along. And I realized they were still here all the time, near me. I just couldn't see!

(Nathan activates a panel, revealing a hidden room in his office.)

Nathan: The government gave me everything I needed to study the Infraworld. They were interested in military applications. I was interested in seeing my family again. It's taken me some years, but I finally succeeded in creating this.

(The miniature rift is opened, casting ghostly images of Helen and Laura.)

Nathan: Hello, my darlings. Helen... Laura... I miss you so much. (to Jodie) I come to see them every day. Soon we'll be together. I'm working on a modified condenser that can communicate with souls of the Infraworld. Speaking with the dead, Jodie... Can you imagine?

Jodie: What do you want from me?

Nathan: I want you to help me talk to them. I wanna hear their voices. I wanna tell them what I'm doing. Until I finish my research, you're the only one that can do it.

(If Jodie chooses "Reject":)

Jodie: Nathan... no. No, don't... don't ask me that.

(If Jodie chooses "Refuse":)

Jodie: Nathan... Nathan, they're dead. They're in the Infraworld now, you cannot make them come back. I'm sorry, I... I can't help you.

Nathan: I haven't heard their voices for fifteen years, since that day I heard them through a little girl... you. I'm begging you. Jodie, do this for me.

(If Jodie chooses "Accept," or after choosing one of the other options:)

Jodie: Give me your hands.

(Nathan gives Jodie his hands. Jodie's eyes roll back.)

Nathan: Helen, my darling... I missed you so much.

Helen (speaking through Jodie): Let us go, Nathan! You're hurting us! You've got to let us go! Let us die!

(Nathan lets go of Jodie's hands.)

Nathan: You... You're lying! Helen didn't say that, you did.

Jodie: You're keeping them here. They're being torn apart between two worlds!

Nathan: That's not true! You're lying! I know they want to be with me again! I know they want to be with me!

(If Jodie chooses "Reason":)

Jodie: They're suffering, Nathan. If you love them, if you really love them, you've got to let them go. You can't cheat death!

Nathan: Cheat death?! Death is nothing! You hear me? Nothing!

(If Jodie chooses "Cold":)

Jodie: You wanted to talk to them, okay? You heard what they had to say.

(If Jodie chooses "Sympathetic":)

Jodie: Nathan... I know how you feel.

Nathan: You know nothing about how I feel! You hear me? Nothing!

(After choosing an option:)

Jodie: Goodbye, Nathan. I hope you find peace.

(Jodie leaves Nathan's office. When she tries to enter the elevator, she is stopped by soldiers aiming guns at her. One knocks her out from behind. She awakens in a room to see General McGrath in front of her.)

General McGrath: Hi, Jodie. Good to see you again. Well, you put us in a very difficult situation, you know that? We can't let you go. We can't kill you, either. We don't know what you'll do on the other side. So there's only one appropriate solution. We inject you with a neuro-acid which will put you in a permanent coma. Exactly what we did with your mother. A simple and elegant way to put an end to our collaboration. Goodbye, Jodie. We will always be grateful for your help.

(McGrath leaves.)

Nathan: Jodie... You opened my eyes. It was so obvious, but I didn't want to see.

Jodie: Help me, Nathan...

Nathan: I'm going to accomplish man's oldest dream. Nobody will have to die anymore. No one will ever be separated again.

Jodie: What are you... What are you talking about?

Nathan: The containment field. I'm going to deactivate it. The Infraworld will spread through our dimension. Life and death, united in one world...

Jodie: No, it's not just souls on the other side... It's death.

Nathan: I've beaten death, Jodie! Everything is gonna be just fine... You need to trust me. Everything... is gonna turn out fine.

(Nathan leaves. Aiden tries to free Jodie, but is too weakened.)

Jodie: You're too weak, Aiden... Find something else. Get help... Hurry.

(Aiden enters Cole's office.)

Cole: Where's the rest of your team?

Ryan: Vince and Nick? Have three months' leave. They're on a beach on some exotic island, no doubt.

Cole: Lucky bastards. Yeah, I've got a couple of emails I need to send. Do you mind if I do that before we crack the bottle?

Ryan: No problem.

(Aiden can disturb objects in the office to get Ryan and Cole's attention.)

(If Aiden remains idle, Jodie will say the following lines.)

Jodie (telepathically): My mind... It's beginning to go numb.

Jodie (telepathically): Hurry, Aiden. I can't hold on...

Jodie (telepathically): I can't stay awake... any longer...

Jodie (telepathically, crying): Aiden... Aiden, save me. Aiden, please... save me!

Jodie (telepathically): I'm dying...

(After Aiden disturbs two objects:)

Ryan: You keep entities in this lab?

Cole: Good god, no. They're all trapped behind the containment field.

Ryan: Aiden? Is that you, Aiden? If this is a joke, it's not funny.

Cole: Why would Aiden be here without Jodie?

Ryan: Give us a sign if it's you, Aiden.

(After Aiden disturbs another object:)

Ryan: What is it, Aiden? Where's Jodie? Lead us to Jodie, Aiden. Show us the way.

(Aiden must disturb objects to lead Ryan and Cole to the elevator.)

Ryan: You want us to take the elevator, is that it?

(Aiden selects the button for Level -4. After exiting the elevator, Ryan and Cole see a guard at the reception desk.)

Ryan: Shit, a guard.

Cole: Leave it to me.

Guard: Can I help you?

Cole: Cole Freeman, I have Level 3 authorization. He's with me.

Guard: I'm sorry, Mr. Freeman, you do not have the correct authorization for this level.

Cole: Maybe you can make an exception, I just want to show him...

Guard: Sorry, sir. This area is Level 4 classified. You do not have the right credentials.

Ryan: You gotta get us past him, Aiden.

(Aiden distracts the guard and alters Cole's credentials in the database.)

Guard: Desk 42, hello? Hello?

(Aiden disturbs a light.)

Ryan: He's done it.

Cole: I think you've made a mistake, could you check again, please? Cole Freeman and Ryan Clayton.

Guard: I'm... sorry. You are on the list. My apologies, um... Go on through.

Ryan: Thank you. (to Aiden) Hurry, Aiden. Take us to Jodie.

(Aiden must disturb objects to lead Ryan and Cole to Jodie.)

Ryan: Jodie's here?

(Ryan opens the door and sees Jodie.)

Ryan: Jodie!

Jodie: Get it... get it out.

(Ryan and Cole undo Jodie's restraints.)

Jodie: Nathan... He's gonna deactivate the containment field.

Ryan: What?

Cole: Why? Why would he do that?

Jodie: He's gone insane. He thinks he's gonna get his family back. We gotta stop him.

(A loud crash is heard, and alarms begin blaring throughout the facility.)

PA System: Containment field shutdown. This is not a drill. Please exit the building immediately.

Jodie: The containment field!

Cole: Oh Christ, he's done it. He's done it!

Ryan: You need help?

Jodie: No. No, I'm okay... I'm okay.

PA System: I repeat. Exit the building immediately.

(The trio runs to the elevator, encountering scientists that are fleeing the building or being attacked by entities.)

Cole: This way! Hurry up!

(If the player attempts to switch to Aiden:)

Jodie: Not now, Aiden. Stay close, okay?

(Jodie joins Cole and Ryan in the elevator.)

Cole: There might still be a chance to reactivate the field. If it isn't already too late...

(The trio exit the elevator on Level -1. Entities run rampant, attacking soldiers and scientists. Jodie is stopped by General McGrath.)

General McGrath: Jodie! You're the only one who can stop this! Dawkins has gone mad, he took down the field! You gotta get rid of these goddamn monsters, now!

Jodie: I ought to kill you, McGrath, but the last thing the Infraworld needs is a son of a bitch like you. Get out of my way.

(Jodie shoves past him.)

General McGrath: Clayton! Get me out of here immediately, Clayton. Agent Clayton! That's an order!

(Ryan punches McGrath in the face.)

Ryan: Consider that my resignation.

General McGrath: You're all gonna die here... We're all gonna die!

(Cole tries to reactivate the containment field.)

Cole: Come on... Come on... It's not working! I can't stop the condenser or reactivate the field!

Ryan: There's nothing we can do. Let's get out of here while we still can.

Cole: Wait. There's one more thing I can try.

Ryan: Oh, god.

(If Jodie looks at a computer showing the emergency alert:)

Jodie: Oh, Nathan... No...

(Cole puts on a containment field belt.)

Jodie: What are you doing?

Cole: It's a portable containment field. Should protect me long enough to reach the condenser and trigger the manual self-destruct. Might be our only chance to close the rift. It's a long shot, but it's the best I got.

Ryan: Come on, you're talking crazy, Cole. We need to get out of here and let the military clean up their own fucking mess.

(Jodie puts on one of the other belts.)

Ryan: Jodie, no.

Jodie: Cole's right. It's our only chance.

(Ryan hesitates, but puts on one of the other belts.)

Jodie: Ryan?

Ryan: I always figured I'd die a hero.

(Cole helps Ryan activate his belt. The trio enter the elevator.)

Cole: The Black Sun is at the center of the dome. No one's ever been before, so there's no telling what we'll find down there.

Ryan: How much time do we have after we've activated the self-destruct?

Cole: The system was designed to be activated remotely. The explosion will be practically instantaneous. We're not coming back.

(Once the elevator opens, the trio runs out into the entrance to the chamber.)

Cole: The condenser zone is on the other side of that door.

Ryan: We've got company...

Jodie: They haven't seen us yet. It's our only chance.

Ryan: Jesus. I hope you're right, or our little trip into the Infraworld might come to a sticky end.

(Jodie uses stealth to evade the entities.)

Ryan: Jodie! Don't get too close to them.

(If the player switches to Aiden:)

Jodie (telepathically): Aiden, don't attract attention or we're dead.

(If Jodie evades all of the entities, she begins running for the chamber.)

(If Jodie is spotted by the entities, one attacks her.)

Cole: They see us! Run!

(Regardless of whether Jodie is spotted or not, Cole is attacked by an entity.)

Jodie: Cole!

Ryan: Fuck. Jodie, they're coming!

(If Jodie chooses to save Cole and does not miss the QTE, she and Ryan carry him to the chamber.)

Ryan: I gotcha.

Cole: I'm sorry, princess. You're gonna have to go on without me.

Jodie: No way. I'm not leaving you here.

Cole: Find... the Black Sun, Jodie... or nobody will make it.

Ryan: He's right. Come on, Jodie.

(Aiden heals Cole. When he is finished, Jodie stands up.)

Jodie: Aiden has done all he can.

(If Jodie chooses to save Cole, but fails the QTE, an entity attacks her and Ryan, causing them to drop Cole. Ryan drags Jodie to safety.)

Jodie: No, no! Cole, no!

(Ryan closes the door.)

Ryan: There was nothing you could do, Jodie.

(Jodie begins to cry.)

(If Jodie tried to save Cole:)

Jodie: I should have gone to him... Fuck! I, I could have saved him. I could have saved him...

(If Jodie left Cole behind, it will skip to this:)

Ryan: Hey... We gotta get out of here.

(After one of the above outcomes, Jodie and Ryan enter the rift.)

Ryan: The Black Sun.

Jodie: Let's finish this.

(Wailing voices are heard as the pair make their way through the rift.)

Lost souls: I didn't have the time. I meant to tell him how much I loved him, but I couldn't. I didn't mean to kill him... I lied! I lied! I'm sorry. I'm so goddamn sorry! I didn't mean to... It was an accident... It was an accident! I couldn't help it. I can't forget... No, it's impossible to forget. I didn't want him to die. I didn't mean it... I miss them. By God, I miss them... There were so many things I wanted to tell them before I died. So many things... I didn't have the time. I meant to tell him how much I loved him...

Ryan: You hear that?

Jodie: Don't listen to it! Keep going!

Ryan: Who are they?

Jodie: Souls! Lost souls!

Ryan: They're all around us!

Jodie: I know.

(One lost soul approaches Jodie.)

Lost woman: My baby... I lost my baby. Have you seen him?

Jodie: No... No, I...

(The woman disappears. Jodie realizes Ryan has been separated from her.)

Jodie: Ryan? Ryan!

(Jodie continues alone until she encounters Nathan.)

Nathan: Helen! Laura! I can't find them! I call them, but they don't come!

(If Jodie chooses "Blame":)

Jodie: Look around, Nathan! Lost souls, like you. Lost forever because you can't face the truth!

(If Jodie chooses "Reason":)

Jodie: Maybe it's because they don't recognize you anymore! Your anger has changed you!

(If Jodie chooses "Move":)

Jodie: You're lost, Nathan! Like all these souls! Your grief has made you forget who you are! Your wife and daughter are gone! Nothing can change that!

(If Jodie chooses "Reproach":)

Jodie: Look, Nathan! Look at what you've done! You've destroyed everything because you can't face the truth!

(After choosing an option:)

Nathan: I miss them... I miss them so much!

(If Jodie chooses "Move":)

Jodie: Maybe there's still a chance to stop this. I know it's not what you want... I know it's not what Helen and Laura would have wanted...

(If Jodie chooses "Cold":)

Jodie: You don't love them! Or you never would have done this to them! I'm gonna destroy the condenser before it's too late.

(If Jodie chooses "Reason":)

Jodie: Let me pass, Nathan! The condenser must be destroyed, you know it's the only way!

(If Jodie chooses "Determined":)

Jodie: I'm gonna destroy the condenser. And if you wanna stop me, you're gonna have to kill me.

(If Jodie reasoned with Nathan, he shoots himself in the head.)

(If Jodie was cold to Nathan, he shoots her in the shoulder.)

Nathan: You're not gonna stop me, Jodie! You're not gonna stop me from seeing my family again! I'm gonna put an end to death. No one will have to suffer what I suffered. No one will ever be separated again! Living and dead, together for eternity! I'm sorry, Jodie! We'll meet again... On the other side!

(Aiden can choke Nathan to death after he wounds Jodie. If Aiden does not intervene, Ryan attacks Nathan and is shot.)

(If Ryan is killed:)

Jodie: Ryan! No, no!

Ryan: We... we knew there was no going back, right?

Jodie: No, please, please don't die...

Ryan: You sure this is not the end?

Jodie: I love you, Ryan...

(Jodie kisses Ryan. She starts to cry beside his body.)

(After Nathan dies, his spirit appears in the form of his younger self. Helen and Laura's spirits appear and embrace him.)

Nathan: Oh, I missed you... I missed you so much. (to Jodie) You're the only one who can fix this, Jodie. Do it. Do it for me.

(Nathan and his family disappear.)

(If Ryan was not killed, he runs up to Jodie and sees Nathan's body.)

Ryan: Jodie! Fuck. There you are. What happened?

Jodie: He found what he was looking for. Come on...

(Jodie continues through the rift, with Ryan if he is alive or alone if he was killed. Large entities descend and begin to attack.)

(If Jodie fails too many QTEs, she is killed by the large entities. The chapter ends.)

(If Jodie completes most or all of the QTEs, and Ryan is alive:)

Ryan: Fucking monsters! Without these damn belts, we'd be dead.

(Jodie's containment field belt malfunctions.)

Jodie: My containment field's not working!

Ryan: What?! You sure? Check the panel!

Jodie: I'm telling you, it's not working!

Ryan: Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Gotta think of something... Fuck. Here.

(Ryan gives her his belt.)

Jodie: No. No, no. What are you doing?

Ryan: You stand the best chance of destroying the Black Sun. Just take this and do it!

Jodie: No, no, those things will slaughter you!

Ryan: Take the damn belt and destroy the fucking condenser.

(Jodie reluctantly takes Ryan's working belt. He gives her a final kiss.)

Ryan: Get out of here before I change my mind.

(Jodie continues toward the condenser's core. She is attacked by lost souls and representations of her memories.)

General McGrath: We inject you with a neuro-acid which will put you in a permanent coma. Exactly what we did with your mother.

Norah: It's too late, Jodie... It's too late.

(Jodie assumes her appearance from "The Mission" as she is threatened by an apparition of Salim.)

(Jodie assumes her appearance from "Like Other Girls" as she sees herself being nearly assaulted by Earl.)

Earl: Come on, baby. You know you want to.

(Jodie assumes her appearance from "My Imaginary Friend..." as she is threatened by an apparition of Philip Holmes.)

Philip: I'm sick and tired of your stories! Jodie, this time you're really gonna get it!

(Jodie assumes her appearance as a baby as she activates the condenser's self-destruct sequence. She sees another vision of her birth.)

Norah: Give me back my child!

Doctor: Calm down, Norah.

Norah: I wanna see her... My little girl! My little boy...

Doctor: For god's sake, what's going on?

Doctor: The twin... He strangled on the umbilical cord. We couldn't do anything.

Norah: My son! I wanna see my son!

(Jodie sees a vision of herself and a second baby in her mother's womb.)

Jodie: Aiden... My twin... My brother. Stillborn...

(The scene transitions to Jodie, assuming her adult appearance again, in a field. She sees Aiden in front of her.)

Jodie: Aiden... We couldn't leave each other. Our souls were bound together... I loved you and hated you for years.

(Jodie begins to cry.)

Jodie: But you were part of me...

(The sky turns dark. Jodie reaches out to Aiden, but he disappears.)

(After pulling the self-destruct lever, Jodie is transported to a void between the Beyond and the human world.)

(If Jodie looks towards the Beyond, she sees Shimasani, as well as any characters (Walter, Jimmy, Paul, Norah, Ryan, and/or Cole) who have died over the course of the game.)

Jodie: The other side. Another world... Becoming the wind, the stars, the universe. Being with Aiden and those I've loved forever...

(If Jodie looks towards the human world, she sees Ryan if he is alive, or Tuesday and Zoey if he was killed.)

Jodie: Living. Feeling. Being in love. Growing old. So many things I still have to do.

Ryan (if alive): I love you, Jodie. I love you.

(If Jodie chooses "Beyond," she enters the Beyond.)

(If Ryan is alive and Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, he finds her dead body after the explosion.)

Ryan: Jodie? Jodie, wake up. Jodie, wake up... Jodie, wake up!... Jodie. Jodie...

(Ryan cradles Jodie's body and cries.)

Ryan: No... no... Jodie, wake up...

(If Ryan is dead and Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, soldiers enter the chamber after the explosion and find their dead bodies.)

Soldier: Over here!

Soldier: Another one here!

(Ryan and Jodie's spirits embrace.)

(If Jodie chooses "Life," she frantically tries to outrun the explosion. If Ryan is alive, they both dive to the ground and survive the explosion.)

(If Ryan is alive:)

Ryan: We... we're alive.

Jodie: Aiden?

Ryan: We made it. Jodie, we made it!

Jodie: Aiden?

(Jodie begins to cry. Ryan embraces her.)

(If Ryan is dead, Jodie's dialogue is the same.)

(After any of the above outcomes, the chapter ends, segueing directly into the Epilogue.)