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"Be careful Jodie. No one knows what you're gonna find on the other side..."
—Nathan talking to Jodie about her mission

"Briefing" is the twenty-first (chronologically the twenty-third) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie works with the CIA to prevent a foreign power from gaining a dangerous new technology.


The CIA hands Jodie over to Nathan, who is now the executive director of the DPA. He, despite Jodie's warning, has built another, much larger condenser. He reveals to Jodie that the CIA is willing to let her go and live her life if she does them one last favor. After a briefing, it is revealed that a military facility in the fictional nation of Kazirstan has built their own condenser. Desperate to keep the condenser technology exclusive to the CIA and its allies, the CIA sends Jodie to destroy the condenser.


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