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"Jodie... What have you done...?"
—Nathan, after arriving at the sheriff's office

"Broken" is the first (chronologically the nineteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie's pursuers earn her wrath.


Jodie is sitting in the Kyel County Sheriff's Office being questioned by Lieutenant J. Sherman. With each question, she experiences flashbacks of events: dogs chasing her in the forest and a homeless man. He implores her to help him understand, explaining he had found her on the side of the road. She remains quiet. He then notices an old scar on the back of her head, and becomes concerned — a coffee mug on the table suddenly flies off and shatters against the wall when he comes close.

It then cuts to Nathan in the back of a town car, arguing with someone on the phone. He says "they" have no idea what they're dealing with, and to wait for him to arrive. The person on the other end apparently hangs up as the man scorns "them", calling them fools.

Back at the Kyel County Sheriff's Office, Jodie is alone in Lieutenant Sherman's office. Aiden makes an indistinct noise, and Jodie responds that she knows they're coming. A SWAT team led by Commander T. Clieford then storms the building. The commander demands to know where the girl Sherman picked up is; Sherman indicates the closed door leading to his office. Clieford silently orders his men into position around the door before motioning for Sherman to be quiet, and to open the door. He does so, reluctantly.

An indeterminate amount of time later, Nathan arrives at the sheriff's office, only to find the whole building in disarray. The only person left alive is Lieutenant Sherman, presumably because he was kind to Jodie. Jodie is nowhere to be seen.


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  • Originally, this chapter was merged with "Hunted" and occurred before it. Concept art also implies that there was originally no SWAT team present when Sherman encounters Jodie.[1]
  • This chapter takes place in the fictional Kyel County, Ohio.
    • Using a freecam, it is possible to see the name of the county displayed on badges inside the sheriff's office as well as the exterior of the building.
    • The sheriff's office is modeled after the Bazetta Township Administration Building, which is located in Cortland, Ohio.
    • Further evidence of the setting can be found when considering the original chronological placement of this chapter.
      • The SWAT team vehicles seen in "Hunted" are from Aurora, a suburb located close to Cortland. If Jodie was already near this area prior to officially being declared a fugitive, it makes sense that reinforcements to capture her would be sent from a neighboring suburb.
      • Pittsburgh Union Station is close to both Aurora and Cortland, and there are several trains which travel through this station to the Pennsylvania area (where "Hunted" takes place, indicated by dialogue in that chapter). Therefore, it can be assumed that Jodie boards a train from this station prior to "Hunted" and reaches Pennsylvania before the train is stopped.



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  1. Concept art depicting Jodie in the sheriff's office in this chapter and in town during "Hunted" is dated November 2010. There is also art of police officers searching for Jodie in the forest, dated one month later in December 2010. However, concept art depicting the SWAT team is dated July 2011, suggesting that their presence was a later addition to both chapters.