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This is the transcript of "Broken," the first chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with a sheriff interrogating Jodie.)

Lt. J. Sherman: I found you by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere... Was there an accident?

(Jodie has a flashback of cops and police dogs investigating a forest, searching for her.)

(Jodie stays silent.)

Lt. J. Sherman: Did someone try to hurt you...?

(Jodie has a flashback of herself running away from someone. Gunshots can be heard.)

(Sherman stands up.)

Lt. J. Sherman: How about a name? Someone I could contact? You must have family... friends... someone who could tell me who you are?

(Jodie has a flashback of a homeless man greeting her.)

Stan: Hey...

Lt. J. Sherman: You don't talk much, do you?

(Jodie is still silent.)

Lt. J. Sherman: Well, If you don't help me, I can't help you...

(Jodie remains silent a third time.)

Lt. J. Sherman: We're getting nowhere...

(Walking around Jodie's chair, Lt. J. Sherman notices a scar on the back of her head.)

Lt. J. Sherman: Is that a scar? Is that recent...?

(As Sherman tries to touch the scar, the mug on his desk is thrown at the wall, startling him.)

(The scene transitions to a car driving in the rain. Nathan Dawkins speaks to someone on his cellphone.)

Nathan: You've got to stop them! They have no idea what they're up against! Tell them to wait until I get here... Oh Christ! Get back to them immediately, you hear me?! You've got to stop them!!!

(Nathan hangs up his phone in anger.)

Nathan: Fools! Goddamn fools!

(The scene transitions back to Jodie in the office.)

Jodie: I know. They're coming.

(Armed SWAT officers storm the office. One commands Sherman to open the door as the officers get into position to shoot. Just as the door opens, the scene cuts to black. The scene transitions back to Nathan, who enters the office to find it destroyed, with the bodies of the officers littered everywhere. Sherman stands in what remains of the office, in shock.)

Nathan: Jodie... What have you done...?

(The chapter ends.)