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"We'll be handing her over as soon as we get to Greenwood. Special Forces wants a word with her. I don't know what she's done, exactly, but it sounds like some seriously heavy shit."
—Campbell to Parker

Campbell is a minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "Hunted."

Character Information[]

Campbell is one of the police officers dispatched to intercept the train Jodie Holmes is riding through Pennsylvania after deserting the CIA. He boards it when it makes an unexpected stop at a station and chases Jodie through the train when she flees. He continues to chase her through the forest after she jumps off the train, though she can elude him by climbing some rocks.

If Jodie gets arrested on the train, Campbell leaves his partner Travis Parker standing guard over the compartment she's being held in while he goes to find out when the train will arrive in Greenwood.


  • Campbell's name is never used in the game, but it appears on his uniform.