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Beyond timeline

The complete timeline (excluding "Epilogue," which would appear after "Prologue" on the timeline)

As part of its "interactive movie" concept, Beyond: Two Souls is divided into a series of chapters, like a DVD. The original play order presents these chapters in a non-linear narrative, representing protagonist Jodie Holmes' attempt to recall her memories during the frame story of "Prologue" and "Epilogue." In the PS4 and PC releases, players also have the option to select a remixed order, which presents the game's story in a mostly linear fashion.

Below is a table displaying all chapters in chronological order, excluding "Prologue," "Epilogue," and the bonus DLC "Advanced Experiments."

Chapter List[]

Number Name Notes
1 My Imaginary Friend...
  • Eighth in original order
  • Third in remixed order
2 First Interview
  • Fifth in original order
  • Fourth in remixed order
3 First Night
  • Eleventh in original order
  • Fifth in remixed order
4 Alone
  • Thirteenth in original order
  • Sixth in original order
5 The Experiment
  • Second in original and remixed order
6 Night Session
  • Seventeenth in original order
  • Twentieth in remixed order
7 Hauntings
  • Twenty-third in original and remixed order
8 The Party
  • Fourth in original order
  • Seventh in remixed order
9 Like Other Girls
  • Twelfth in original order
  • Eighth in remixed order
10 The Condenser
  • Ninth in original and remixed order
11 Separation
  • Fifteenth in original order
  • Tenth in remixed order
12 Welcome to the CIA
  • Sixth in original order
  • Eleventh in remixed order
  • Combat and stealth tutorial
13 The Embassy
  • Third in original order
  • Twelfth in remixed order
14 The Dinner
  • Sixteenth in original order
  • Thirteenth in remixed order
  • Jodie (if not assaulted in "Like Other Girls") can romance Ryan here
15 The Mission
  • Eighteenth in original order
  • Fourteenth in remixed order
16 Hunted
  • Seventh in original order
  • Fifteenth in remixed order
17 Homeless
  • Tenth in original order
  • Sixteenth in remixed order
  • Walter and Jimmy can die here
18 Broken
  • First in original and remixed order
19 Navajo
  • Fourteenth in original order
  • Seventeenth in remixed order
  • Paul can die here
  • Jodie can romance Jay here
20 Old Friends
  • Nineteenth in original order
  • Eighteenth in remixed order
21 Norah
  • Twentieth in original order
  • Nineteenth in remixed order
  • Norah can die here
22 Briefing
  • Twenty-first in original and remixed order
23 Dragon's Hideout
  • Twenty-second in original and remixed order
24 Black Sun
  • Jodie, Cole, and Ryan can die here
Advanced Experiments

Deleted Scenes[]

Main article: Removed content

These chapters were scrapped before release, but evidence of them still exists within the game files and in concept art. They are numbered based on their chronological placement if they were retained.

Number Name Notes
1* First Steps
  • Gameplay tutorial
  • Intended to be released as bonus DLC
13* New Agent
14* The Senator
23* The Shaman


  • The game files list all of the chapters by chronological order.
  • In the remastered versions, a choice screen is displayed at the end of every chapter. The choice screen shows various chapter-related decisions as well as the percentage of players that made them.
  • Not much is known about the deleted chapters, but surviving concept art and script pages reveal some details about them:
    • "First Steps" featured a baby Jodie interacting with Aiden for the first time and was designed as the initial gameplay tutorial. When it was replaced with "The Experiment" as the tutorial, Quantic Dream intended to release it as a bonus DLC; although this idea was scrapped, the game files still contain code checking for a "FirstSteps Addon." The menu catalog for baby Jodie's facial animations still exists in the final game.[1] Text in the game files confirms that it was meant to occur after "Broken" and before "The Experiment" in the game's play order.
    • "New Agent" was an additional CIA training mission set in a fake city, designed to simulate a real combat scenario and hostage rescue. At the end of the chapter, the hostage would have been revealed to be Ryan. Concept art also indicates that the fake city is in Iraq.
    • "The Senator" would have seen Jodie being assigned to covertly protect a senatorial candidate who was targeted for assassination. Concept art indicates that this chapter takes place in December 2010, placing Jodie's age at 21 years old. Additionally, Jodie's model that was intended for this chapter is used in "Old Friends," "Norah," "Briefing," and briefly in the Epilogue.[2] Ryan's model that was intended for this chapter is also used in "Briefing".[3]
    • "The Shaman" was a second stealth mission involving the destruction of another foreign condenser. Concept art and the map seen in "Briefing" and "Black Sun" indicate that this second condenser is located in Russia. File names also indicate that some of the assets for this chapter were repurposed for "Dragon's Hideout."



  1. Restored Baby Jodie Segments
  2. This model is named "IW_JHO20_SEN" in the files. Most of Jodie's models after "The Embassy" (with the exception of the ones used from "Dragon's Hideout" onwards) incorrectly designate her age as 20.
  3. This model is named "IW_RLC_SEN" in the game files.