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"Aiden... where are you?"
—Jodie, searching for Aiden

"Dragon's Hideout" is the twenty-second (chronologically the twenty-fourth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie and a team, including her trainers from her early days in the CIA, infiltrate a secret base.


Desperate to keep the condenser technology exclusive to the CIA and its allies, the CIA sends Jodie to destroy the condenser. Ryan and her old colleagues at the CIA, Vince and Nick, are sent in as her support team, where tensions are still present. Trekking across heavily snowing fields, the team manages to follow a convoy to the facility, where Jodie and Ryan, disguised in the uniforms of two deceased soldiers, take a pilfered submarine to the base, only to be captured. They are tortured by General Wang Ziyang, who wants information out of them - if Jodie doesn't speak up, Ryan will get his left eye cut out.

To make matters worse, Aiden is separated from Jodie by a containment field meant to keep entities away from the living. Luckily, he manages to deactivate the containment field, unleashing the other entities on the soldiers, and frees Jodie and Ryan. Jodie has to dive underwater to put explosives on the condenser to close the rift. She gets in fight a with the general, during which he is killed by the Sea Entity that he himself created.

Jodie feels hopeless when there are no subs left in the pen - but suddenly Ryan comes in a big submarine saying "you didn't think I'd let you down, huh?" They manage to escape, but the shockwave from the explosion kills their boosters and they have to swim up to the surface. Afterwards they are sitting close together, convinced that they are going to freeze to death. Ryan confesses his love for Jodie, who can refuse him or forgive him. Later they are rescued by Vince and Nick.

Alternatively, Jodie is rendered unconscious during the fight when the general is killed by the Sea Entity. Ryan arrives and rescues Jodie, who struggles to remain conscious. They escape and Ryan pulls them out of the water onto a snowy bank. He attempts to perform CPR on Jodie and eventually gives up, telling Jodie that he loves her. He lies down beside her, holding her hand. Vince and Nick then arrive to rescue them.


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  • Path #1
    • Talked during the interrogation
    • Refused to talk
  • Path #2
    • Infiltrated the base
    • Arrested early on
  • Path #3
    • Infiltrated the base - Possession
    • Infiltrated the base - Crates
  • Path #4
    • Managed to escape the base
    • Rescued by Ryan
  • Path #5
    • Forgave Ryan
    • Didn't forgive Ryan
  • Path #6
    • Told Ryan you loved him
    • Told Ryan you didn't love him


  • Eye for an Eye - When interrogated by the officer, don't speak up.
  • Agent 894732 - When interrogated by the officer, speak up.
  • Almost Too Easy - Take control of the General when you exit the sub, using Aiden.


  • Bonus: Design Pack #13 - You can find this inside the house just past the building that you take shelter in during the snowstorm.


  • According to the map shown in "Briefing" and "Black Sun," the Kazirstani military facility is located in Heilongjiang, China. General McGrath states that the base is "in the province of Felhanjiang," which is not a real province. Heilongjiang shares a border with Russia, which appears on the map as the location of a second foreign condenser (which would have been the focus of the deleted chapter "The Shaman").
    • In an earlier test build of the game, McGrath stated in "Briefing" that the facility was in Heilongjiang, and mentioned China during the briefing in "Black Sun". These references were removed before release.



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