"Shootin' pool on yer own? Takes two to play that game..."

Earl is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in the chapter Like Other Girls.

Character InformationEdit

Earl was born on December 14, 1966.

When Jodie sneaks out to the Red House Bar during the chapter Like Other Girls, he invites her to play pool, and later attempts to sexually assault her. He can either be strangled to death by Aiden, or shot by a possessed Sam.

Earlier, should the player eavesdrop on his conversation with Frank using Aiden, he will make lecherous comments about Jodie's "physique".


  • Earl is voiced by Dominic Gould, the same actor who portrays Paul and Mike.
  • If the player leaves the bar before anything happens Jodie will not be assaulted by Earl.
  • Earl's actor/voice actor also played/dubbed a man named Todd Williams in the new video game entitled Detroit: Become Human.

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