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"And she thinks she's so clever... but she's just a little lab rat..."
—Emma, talking about Jodie

Emma is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in "The Party." She is a female friend of Kirsten, Steven, Jen, and Matt.

Character Information[]

Compared to her friends, Emma is ruder and more overbearing toward Jodie, despising the girl from the moment they meet. She criticizes the way she dresses, her choice of music, the way she acts, and her work in Unit 4. She is mostly seen with Kirsten and Jen, her closest female friends, at the party.

When Jodie turns the radio up, Emma insults her taste in music (regardless of what she chose) and changes it.

Like her friends, Emma is a rebellious, rude, sadistic, and selfish girl, who joins them in insulting and abusing Jodie once Kirsten berates her for giving her a book of poetry as a birthday present. Emma calls her a witch, and burns her with her cigarette.