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"I've died twice already. I'm not afraid of death anymore."
—Jodie, talking about her life

"Epilogue" is the final (chronologically the twenty-seventh) chapter in Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie finishes her story.


If Jodie chooses to return to life, it is shown that she has moved to a small cabin in Alaska. Three months after the destruction of the Black Sun, Aiden's separation from Jodie has began to erase her memories, and she writes her entire life down on paper, thus beginning the storytelling of the game. Jodie, still heartbroken about Aiden, cries every night and monologues about the fact that both of them wanted to no longer be tethered, and yet she's never been more miserable. If Ryan and/or Cole died in "Black Sun," she visits their graves to mourn, saying that Aiden is not the only one she misses. She lays a hand-drawn picture of a little princess on Cole's grave if he died, or mails the picture to him if he is alive. Jodie can either choose to stay alone, or live with Tuesday and Zoey, Jay, or Ryan (if he is alive). These are the following consequences:


After discussing with Ryan (if alive) that she can't see the future ahead with him, she returns to being a drifter. She notes that entities are living with us every day and that she can't live a normal life. She sits in a room in a motel watching TV and is startled when the lights and TV flicker. Aiden writes on the TV screen: "STILL HERE", telling her that he's still looking after her, despite being no longer tethered. Jodie is delighted and greets him warmly.

As she monologues, a scene where entities are shown flooding into the human world is shown, with Jodie alone preparing for battle, presumably with Aiden invisibly accompanying her.


After discussing with Ryan (if alive) that she can't see the future ahead with him, she returns to her homeless friends' new apartment. After they meet and greet her in amazement, she meets young Zoey. Jodie notes that the child instantly accepts her as if she has been around her her entire life, and implies that Zoey is also psychic.

As she monologues, a scene where entities are shown flooding into the human world is shown, with Jodie and an older Zoey preparing for battle. This is the only ending that Aiden's presence is not shown, though it is implied that he is there, like most of the other endings.


After discussing with Ryan (if alive) that she can't see the future ahead with him, she visits Jay and Cory's house again with the motorbike they gave her. After Jay and Jodie make love, Jodie wakes up crying but Aiden writes on the mirror: "STILL HERE" telling her that he's still looking after her, despite no longer being tethered. Aiden's presence delights Jodie.

In the end, a scene where entities are shown flooding into the human world is shown, with Jodie alone preparing for battle.


After discussing with Ryan that a future with him is her only real choice, she and Ryan try to move as far away as possible from her former life. Jodie monologues about how she and Ryan pretend none of the events ever happened, trying to live a normal life. As Ryan starts a fire on an unknown island, Jodie walks to the beach shore and begins to miss Aiden again. Suddenly, a coconut is rolled to Jodie's foot, and writing forms on the sand: "STILL HERE" telling her that he's still looking after her, despite no longer being tethered. Jodie lays down overjoyed, and the garbled words 'I love you' are heard from Aiden.

As she monologues about her nightmares, a scene where entities are shown flooding into the human world is shown, with Jodie preparing for battle, presumably with Aiden invisibly accompanying her.


If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, she enters an ethereal world where she can become anything she wants. She describes it as infinite space that she's only explored a speck of. She does not mention Aiden at all, though they are both in the Infraworld and Aiden's spirit is seen at one point.

Back in the human world, Ryan (if alive) finds Jodie's dead body and cries, desperately begging her to wake up. If Ryan is dead, his spirit embraces hers as the authorities discover their dead bodies and the destroyed condenser core.

From the Infraworld, she visits people that she cares about. If Ryan is alive, she visits him at his home, but does not make her presence known. If Norah is alive, she visits her in her hospital room and causes a nearby light to flicker, to which Norah smiles. Jodie also makes her presence known to Cole if he is alive, writing faintly on his computer "Little Princess Still Here". If all three are dead, she (along with Shimasani, and potentially Paul if he was killed) visits Jay, with their presences causing him to become cold. Jodie says that she wants to tell her loved ones that she's okay and embrace them, but she must make do with being an invisible, transparent being.

The scene cuts to Zoey, who is staring at the apartment wall alone while Tuesday and Stan (along with Walter and Jimmy, if they are alive) watch television. It is implied that Jodie links herself to Zoey, but is not restrained to her, being able to see "faraway places" that Aiden would not normally have been able to with his restricted link. Zoey is told not to tell anyone about her connection and not to be afraid of the monsters that come out at night. Jodie also shares her memories with Zoey to prepare her for the future.

In her nightmares, Zoey monologues that "the voice" is preparing her for what's to come. She is shown one last time from a cliff, staring at a rift as entities ravage the world, thinking that she'll never be alone again.


If Jodie fails too many QTEs after being attacked by the large entities, she will be killed and the Infraworld takes over the human world. The world will be shown burning and fragmented in darkness, with souls floating aimlessly in the void. Jodie monologues that there is nothing left of the human world and that she is now left alone with her regrets, forced to reflect on her failures forever.

Dying before reaching the condenser locks the choice path in "Black Sun" related to the epilogues. Therefore, it is not counted as an ending in the same way.


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If Jodie dies before reaching the condenser, this path will not be shown.

  • Path #1
    • Wandered the Infraworld
    • Chose Ryan
    • Chose Jay
    • Chose Zoey
    • Chose to stay alone



  • Several items from past chapters appear in the "Life" epilogue and its variations.
    • A necklace from "Navajo" can be seen hanging on the wall next to Jodie's desk.
    • If Jodie took Bunny Gruff with her in "Separation," it can be seen lying on the bed.
    • A Las Vegas card can also be seen on the desk, implying she passed through the area at some point between "Homeless" and "Navajo."[1]
    • If Jodie took Norah's necklace in "Norah," it appears on the nightstand next to her bed, and she will wear it in the Alone and Jay epilogues.
    • The backpack Jodie is carrying in the Alone epilogue appears to be the same one she used in "Navajo."
  • Concept art and the game files confirm that Jodie's cabin is in Alaska.
  • The town Jodie hitchhikes in during the Alone ending reuses some assets from Bakertown, which previously appeared in "Hunted." However, when viewed in full using a freecam, the two locations are not identical.
  • The wrist computer Jodie wears in the future bears a strong resemblance to the Pip-Boy from the Fallout franchise.
  • The game files give individual names to each of the epilogue cutscenes. The "Death" cutscene is not counted among the epilogues.
    • "Alaska": Jodie mourns Aiden in the cabin and makes a choice about how to move on with her life.
    • "Letter to Cole": Jodie mails the princess drawing to Cole. If Cole is dead, she places it on his grave.
    • "Mourning": If Cole and/or Ryan are dead, Jodie visits their graves and makes her decision about her life there.
    • "Single": Jodie tells Ryan that she cannot see her future with him.
    • "On the Road": Jodie hitchhikes through an unknown town.
    • "The Motel": Aiden makes his presence known to Jodie while she is watching TV in a motel room.
    • "A New Home": Jodie visits Stan and Tuesday's apartment and is introduced to Zoey. This name is also used for the cutscene where an older Zoey monologues about her abilities.
    • "I Love You, Ryan": Jodie visits Ryan at his home.
    • "Across the Ocean": Jodie and Ryan sail to an unknown island. Aiden makes his presence known to Jodie at the beach.
    • "I Missed You": Jodie reunites with Jay and his family, and Aiden makes his presence known to her after she and Jay sleep together.
    • "The Other Side": Jodie enters the Beyond.
    • "Lost Love...": Ryan mourns Jodie's death, and she visits him invisibly as an entity.
    • "A Mother's Tears": Jodie visits Norah as an entity in her hospital room.
    • "Still Here...": Jodie visits Cole as an entity and makes her presence known to him.
    • "The Apocalypse": Jodie and/or Zoey experience a vision of another rift to the Infraworld.
  • The "Life" epilogue takes place in February 2015,[2] with the exception of Zoey's narration in the Beyond ending, which takes place in 2023.[3]



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  1. "Homeless" is set in Seattle (confirmed by signs near the overpass) and "Navajo" is set in Arizona (confirmed by the mile marker Jodie passes at the beginning of that chapter). Tracing a route between these two locations makes it likely she passed through the area before "Navajo" as Las Vegas is very close to the border between Nevada and Arizona.
  2. The news report Jodie watches in her cabin states it has been three months since the destruction of the Black Sun condenser.
  3. Zoey was born in December 2012, and her model data states that she is 10 years old in the Beyond ending.