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"It's okay. It'll be alright now... Aiden isn't scared of them anymore."
—Jodie, talking to Nathan

"First Night" is the eleventh (chronologically the third) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie spends her first night at the DPA lab with Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman.


The chapter begins as Susan and Philip Holmes, Jodie's foster parents, leave her with Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman in order to find out what has been plaguing her. Philip is distant as Susan fondly says goodbye to her, seemingly genuinely regretful she has to leave her.

After they leave, Jodie changes into her pajamas, and retires to bed with a flashlight and her stuffed animal, Bunny Gruff. Having a hard time falling asleep, she asks Aiden for a story, and he uses the flashlight to make shadow puppets on the ceiling. She quickly falls asleep.

However, the lights immediately start to flicker, and monsters drag her from bed, attacking her. Cole, asleep behind the one-way mirror, is oblivious. Aiden awakens Cole and fends off the creatures long enough for Cole and Nathan to burst into the room to find Jodie scratched and bruised, and the furniture haphazardly strewn about. Nathan orders Cole to get a doctor to tend Jodie's injuries and he quickly does so.

The chapter ends as Nathan embraces her — Jodie assures him that it will be fine from now on, as Aiden is not afraid of the monsters anymore.

Should the player decide not to protect Jodie, Nathan and Cole will burst in. Instead of sitting there silently, she will move back and forth in extreme fear. Cole says that it might be over. Jodie tells Aiden that he can beat them, that she knows he can, and to never leave her alone anymore.


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  • Path #1
    • Spied on Dawkins and parents
    • Didn't spy on Dawkins and parents
  • Path #2
    • Wake up Cole
    • Cole woke up alone
  • Path #3
    • Vanquished the entities
    • Didn't beat the entities


Entities Apprentice - When Jodie gets attacked by the evil entities, take control of Aiden and defeat them all until Cole and Nathan come in.


  • Bonus: The Origins of Beyond: Two Souls - Go through the mirror and look in the right hand corner beside the filing cabinet.



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