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"What are you doing here? It's late."
—Nathan, asking Jodie why she's still awake

"Hauntings" is the twenty-third (chronologically the seventh) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


With Nathan still torn by loss, a young Jodie receives a night time visitation from a ghostly figure.


Cole is putting Jodie to bed when she asks about Nathan. Cole says Nathan, in his grief, hasn't left his office in three days. Later, Jodie is awakened by the specter of Laura, Nathan's late daughter, who beckons Jodie to follow her to Nathan's office.

Jodie enters the office to see Nathan crying, and hitting the bottle. In trying to comfort him, Jodie discovers that she can channel spirits of the dead through a psychic link, caused by physical contact with the living. She does so, channeling both Laura and Helen to console Nathan and, hopefully, allow him to let go of his grief. Distraught, he pleads with Jodie to bring them back once they've gone, but she is unable to. She then retires to bed, leaving Nathan alone.

This, unbeknownst to Jodie and possibly Nathan at the time, is the beginning of his obsession with the Infraworld, and eventually his impending breakdown.


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