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Heavy Rain: The Casting is a 2006 short film released by Quantic Dream and available as a collectible in Beyond: Two Souls. Like most collectibles, it can only be found by using Aiden. It is unlocked in the chapter "The Condenser."

The Casting was written and directed by David Cage and revealed at E3 on May 9, 2006. It is a tech demo for Heavy Rain, which Quantic Dream would release in 2010.


The Casting can be found when Jodie first enters the ADA Condenser Facility. Make the first right and then look in a closet to the left of a large table to find it.


The Casting features Aurélie Bancilhon as Mary Smith, a 24-year-old amateur actress who is auditioning for a role in Heavy Rain. David Cage provides the voice of the director, who ultimately decides against casting Mary because of her height.




Heavy Rain – The Casting

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