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"I'm tired. I'm so tired... I don't think I'm gonna make it."
—Jodie, talking to Nathan on the phone

"Homeless" is the tenth (chronologically the eighteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie struggles to survive winter on the streets while still on the run.


Jodie has been on the run from the police since her escape from the CIA. She is seen physically and emotionally beaten down. She gives Nathan a last call, saying she's tired and that the entities are back. She hangs up and tries to walk farther, but collapses near an alley. Aiden tries to ward off the entities from hurting the unconscious Jodie, and then gets the attention of a homeless man who then carries her to his home underneath a bridge, unaware of Aiden or the entities.

Jodie wakes up and finds out she's been out for two days and Stan has been nursing her back to health. In her mental state, she tells him he should have left her to die. Stan lost a wife to cancer so he sympathizes. During their conversation, Jodie learns of the other people living with Stan: Tuesday, a pregnant girl; Jimmy, a drug addict; and Walter, an alcoholic and ex-teacher.

Jodie eventually gets up, and can either visit the others or go outside. Spotting a knife embedded in a discarded tire, she can pick it up and hold it near her wrist — the player can choose to cut, or to put it down. If it's the former, Aiden will fling it out of her hand. Walking outside, she'll step up to the ledge above the freeway — the player can choose to jump, or to walk away. If it's the former, Aiden will forcefully lift her back onto her feet and she will beign to vent her frustration on Aiden, asking him to just let her stop fighting.

Stan will come out and say they need more food. He offers to show her how things worked on the street, and she agrees, following him into town. Stan will begin to panhandle, saying they only need five dollars for a hot meal. After complaining about the cold, hunger, and asking how long it would take to acquire enough money, Jodie will eventually get up. There are opportunities to beg at the local café and supermarket. There will also be a proposition from a sleazy man, offering ten dollars for a "favor". (Accepting the man's offer will not yield any monetary gain.)

There are then some options presented in order to get the money.

  • Stealing money from an ATM — $10
  • Sitting down and begging for money 
  • Crossing the street and then:
    • Stealing change from a newspaper dispenser
    • Stealing change from a public telephone
    • Using another homeless man's guitar to busk — $15

If Aiden presents an opportunity to steal money, Jodie will condemn him, saying she "can't do that." She can choose to take the money or leave it where it is.

After either getting enough money, or of the player's own volition, Jodie will go to check up on Stan — by now, night has fallen. Jodie will then ask how he's doing, and Stan will admit he was not doing so well. She shows him the money she earned (or stole). If she has ten dollars or more, Stan will become incredulous. Should the player have chosen to play the man's guitar, Stan will commend her. However, should the player resort to stealing, Stan will ask Jodie if she has done so, implying it was a bad decision. Jodie will reiterate what Stan said to her earlier, that as long as she didn't kill anyone, it was fine by him. If Jodie does not have enough money by the end of the day, Stan will sigh in disappointment and say they will get it eventually.

Either way, Stan will go off across the street to the supermarket, and tell Jodie to wait for him. Soon, though, Stan is confronted by a group of thugs armed with a bat and a camcorder. They begin to beat Stan, jeering and mocking him as one of the thugs records the event on his camera. Jodie can do nothing or intervene. If she chooses to fight them, the leader will insult Jodie and attempt to attack her. If she wins the ensuing fight, she successfully scares them off, but the leader makes a passing comment about seeing her again. If she chooses not to intervene or loses the fight, the thugs are scared off by the sound of police sirens. Jodie apologizes to Stan, but he is more concerned about her. Either way, they return to the camp.

Walter will express concern over Stan's injuries, but he brushes it off as simply getting into a fight. If Jodie saved him from the thugs, he praises her, proudly telling the others that she "kicked herself some ass." If she intervened but lost the fight, he instead says that there were simply too many of them. During the lull in conversation, the player can do the following:

  • Inquire after Tuesday's baby.
    • She will say the baby is due in a month, but hasn't been kicking. Worried, she says she hopes the baby is alright. Stan will chime in to reveal Tuesday's ex-boyfriend used to beat her. Tuesday will say he didn't want a baby, and would likely kill it.
  • Ask Stan if he knew the group who attacked him.
    • Stan will admit to having seen them before, dismissing them as "big men with their friends" who look for one-way fights. As an aside, Walter will say he's been attacked by them before, and hasn't yet recovered.
  • Ask if Jimmy was alright.
    • Jimmy will say he is cold, while Walter says it's the drugs (or implied withdrawal) damaging his body.
  • Ask how Walter ended up living with Stan and the others, and, by extension, how he became homeless.
    • Walter says he was unable to pay back his loans, back when he worked as a high school teacher. As a result, he lost his house, his job, and all of his friends.
  • Ask Tuesday how she got her name.
    • Tuesday says she gave it to herself, the day she left home.
  • Ask how long Stan has been living underneath the overpass.
    • Stan says he found the bridge six months ago, where Walter was already living. Jimmy arrived after, and Tuesday is their second newest arrival — aside from Jodie — who has only been there for three weeks.

After four points of conversation, Tuesday will steer the discussion towards Jodie, who has not talked about herself since her stay. She will ask how Jodie wound up on the streets, homeless. Jodie will at first be vague, saying she "did some things I'm not proud of." Depending on the player's choice, she will:

  • Be enigmatic, and only say she was born with a gift, causing Walter to joke that Jimmy isn't the only one on drugs.
  • Be sincere, and say she has been connected to an entity all her life. Walter will again joke about Jodie on drugs.
  • Be unconcerned, and say it isn't important.

Either way, she will finish eating and stand from her seat. She can perform "miracles" for Tuesday, Jimmy, and Stan. She'll use Aiden to check the state of Tuesday's baby, heal Jimmy, and act as a conduit for Stan's wife, Nancy, in order to console him. Doing so will earn you the Miracles trophy. Afterward, the five of them retire to bed.

Jodie soon wakes to Tuesday screaming, and finds the men crowded around her. Stan says she was experiencing contractions already, and starting the process of premature labor. In response to Walter forcibly suggesting the hospital, Tuesday says they will take her baby away from her. Walter implores her to reconsider, as they don't have the necessary tools to safely deliver a baby. Stan takes control of the situation and orders Jimmy to break into an abandoned building down the block.

Stan takes Jodie with him to the supermarket, admitting to the fact he had no plan. Jodie uses Aiden to open the locked doors, and Stan returns shortly afterward with the necessary supplies. Jimmy meets them, and says Tuesday's water has broken. The three hurry to the abandoned building where Walter and Tuesday are already waiting. Tuesday orders all the men to leave; Jodie says she's never done this before, and Tuesday says she didn't want Stan, Walter, and Jimmy to see her "wrecked with pain."

Jodie removes both her parka and Tuesday's pants. She then acts as a midwife and assists in the birth. The baby starts to crown, and with a final push, it's out and in Jodie's arms. She then cuts the umbilical cord, wraps the newborn in a blanket, and hands it to Tuesday. Jodie then opens the door for the others to come back in, who immediately crowd around the baby to admire.

Tuesday reveals the baby is a girl, and names her Zoey. Tuesday says it's all thanks to Jodie. Stan calls her their miracle, and embraces her.

Later, Jodie wakes to find the building has caught fire, and rushes to evacuate everyone safely. Tuesday, Zoey, and Stan can't die in the fire, but Walter and Jimmy can.

Should Jodie become trapped in the building after leading everyone else out, Stan will come inside to retrieve her unconscious body. She then falls into a coma. However, should Jodie successfully jump from the building after leading everyone else out, the group of street thugs from earlier return. They admit to being the arsonists as they knock Stan and Jodie to the ground. After a final blow to the head, they retreat and leave Jodie bleeding out in the snow. Alternatively, if Aiden does not protect Jodie after she jumps, she is left bleeding out in the snow after the fall.

During her coma, Jodie is trapped in a black and intangible miasma of both memories and things yet to come. She relives these memories through shapeless forms and television screens. Aiden then drags her back into the waking world, where she has been in a hospital for at least three months.

Walking around the room, she will touch various objects, which will then trigger memories of Stan, Jimmy (if he survived), and Tuesday coming to visit her. Tuesday will bring Zoey with her, and say she tells her about Jodie. As an aside, she reveals her real name to be Elisa. Stan will hang a newspaper clipping on her wall, detailing that the thugs who attacked them were arrested. He also says he found a job and rented an apartment. Jimmy is sober, and sets a picture of himself and the others on Jodie's bedside table.

She will then exit the room, but stops short once she sees two men standing at the reception desk. She overhears them asking after her, and realizes they're from the CIA. She then evades them by jumping out her window.

After an indeterminate length of time, she is picked up by Lt. J. Sherman as he patrols the road.


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  • Path #1
    • Told the truth to Stan
    • Lied or evaded Stan's questions
  • Path #2
    • Tried to end your life
    • Didn't attempt suicide
  • Path #3
    • Earned money honestly
    • Did what it took for money
  • Path #4
    • Beat the thugs
    • Didn't help Stan or got beaten
  • Path #5
    • Get enough money - Warm dinner
    • Not enough money - Cold dinner
  • Path #6
    • Sincere about Aiden
    • Did not talk about Aiden
  • Path #7
    • Helped the homeless after dinner
    • Did not help everyone after dinner
  • Path #8
    • Did not escape the building
    • Escaped the building
  • Path #9
    • Saved everyone from the fire
    • Didn't save everyone from the fire
  • Path #10
    • Learned the fate of the thugs
    • Didn't learn the fate of the thugs


  • Money to Eat - When going out on the street with Stan, you need to have enough money to buy some food for everyone. There are two ways of doing this:
    • Let Aiden manipulate the ATM and have Jodie steal the money from it.
    • Playing with another homeless man's guitar on the other side of the street.
  • Smart Thief - When Stan convinces Jodie to steal some supplies from the supermarket, take control of Aiden to open the door. The security cameras inside the shop must be deactivated before letting Stan in.
  • Miracles - After Stan returns to the group with food, Jodie will be free to walk around and interact with the others. Use Aiden to heal Jimmy, check on Tuesday's baby, and channel Stan's deceased wife.
  • A Better World - Jimmy and Walter must be left to die.
  • Saved All - Save all characters.


  • Bonus: Kara - You can find this outside of the camp beside the blue tarp to the left of the exit.
  • Bonus: Design Pack #7 - When you are running down the street with Stan to get baby supplies, make a left down the alley where you first ran into Stan and go left around the corner. Behind a dumpster there will be the soul.


HR Easter Egg

Heavy Rain Easter Egg in "Homeless"

  • When prompted to walk about the city to find money, one can see a man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper across the street from the supermarket. If you switch to Aiden's view and hover over the newspaper, you can see an article titled "Origami Killer: Seven victims and still no lead." This is a reference to Heavy Rain, another Quantic Dream game. In the aforementioned game, the Origami Killer is the main villain who kidnaps the main character's son. Some players speculate that Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls exist in the same universe, but the newspaper doesn't line up with the timeline: this chapter is set in December 2012, and the events of Heavy Rain take place in October 2011.
  • This chapter takes place in Seattle, Washington. Signs near the overpass indicate Western Avenue and Aurora Avenue North, two streets in the Seattle area. Additionally, the city the hospital is in shares the same unique skybox texture as the city Jodie's apartment in "The Dinner" is in, confirming it is also in this area.
  • The city is visually similar to the setting of Fahrenheit due to the snowy weather.
  • The birthing scene, while unrealistic in its cleanness, is also technically incorrect, as Jodie cuts the umbilical cord without clamping it first. In real life, doing so can result in jaundice, a yellow discoloration of the skin. Specifically, an actual birthing would not be as simple and clean as portrayed in-game — it's a bloody, messy event. It's also highly unlikely (albeit possible) that Tuesday would experience labor pains and deliver a baby in under an hour.
  • The song that Jodie sings if she uses the homeless man's guitar to try and earn some money is "Lost Cause" by Beck.
  • Attempting to use Aiden to assist in the birthing process will result in Jodie insisting there's nothing he can do, despite Aiden's powers being capable of making the birth far easier. This was done for censorship reasons, to avoid using Aiden to get to an angle where you could see Tuesday's genitalia.
  • When Jodie wakes up from the coma and calls for Aiden, the tether is not seen, but it returns when the player switches to Aiden again. This is likely an error.




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