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This is the transcript of "Homeless" the tenth chapter on the original order and the sixteenth chapter on the remixed order


(This chapter opens with a cold and snowy environment in the night. A cop is driving on his car. Jodie is seen wearing coat, gloves and snowhat, but she is suffering from cold. She is walking on the street phone, inserts a coin on it and calls Nathan by dialing his number on it.)

Nathan (on phone): Hello?

Jodie: Nathan?

Nathan (on phone): Jodie! Jodie, where are you?

Jodie: They're back... They're all around me...

Nathan (on phone): Good god, Jodie, what's happening?

Jodie: I'm tired, I'm so tired... I don't think I'm gonna make it...

Nathan (on phone): Tell me where you are! I'll come, I'll come right now! Jodie? Jodie!

(Jodie hangs the phone and as she tries to walk her way, she stops because of lack of energy due to snow. Entities tried to take her, but Aiden stopped them.)

(Aiden moves an object around)

Stan: Huh?

(Aiden moves things around to make Stan see Jodie Holmes as he was running for help.)

(Jodie has some nightmares about what'll happen to her predictably:)

Stan: (echoing) Jodie! NO!

(Jodie screams and dreams of her escaping the burnt building. Then she is seen on a box.)

(Jodie wakes up and sees Stan while he greets her.)

Stan: Hey... I was beginning to think you'd never wake up.

(Jodie looks that she is in a cartoon bed.)

Jodie: Where am I?

Stan: You're in my place, kid. Not very luxurious but, it's quiet... I found you in the streets a few days ago. You were in pretty bad shape...

Jodie: You've been taking care of me...?

Stan: Oh, c'mon, SOMEBODY had to, couldn't leave you lying there dying like a dog in the street. My name is Stan. What's your name?

Jodie: Jodie.

Stan: Welcome back to the land of the living, Jodie. Nice to have some company every once in a while... (Stan takes coffee mugs and asks Jodie.) Some coffee? It's strong, tastes like shit but it'll hold you up against the cold. (Jodie takes the coffee) Careful it's hot.

(Stan sits on the couch.)

Stan: How long you been on the streets, kid?

(If Jodie chooses "Get Up", she gets up.)

(If Jodie chooses "Lie":)

Jodie: Oh just like... A few days...

Stan: Really? You're pretty beat up for someone who's only been out here a few days... Been almost three years for me. (Stan drinks his coffee.) I don't know how many times I thought I was gonna snuff it, go completely nuts, you know? But I guess you can get used to anythin'... even live with nothing...

(If Jodie chooses "Evade":)

Jodie: Oh. I... I don't know... It's been way too cold to keep track of time...

Stan: Been about three years for me. (Stan drinks his coffee.) I don't know how many times I thought I was gonna snuff it, just go completely nuts. But I guess you can get used to anything... even live with nothing.

(If Jodie chooses Truth:)

Jodie: A few weeks. Something like that.

Stan: Been about three years for me. (Stan drinks his coffee.) I don't know how many times I thought I was gonna snuff it, just go completely nuts. But I guess you can get used to anything... even live with nothing.

(After one of the dialogues)

Stan: You on the run? Mhm? Parents? Crazy boyfriend? Something like that?

(If Jodie chooses "Evade":)

Jodie: I guess I'm... running away from me...

Stan: Ain't we all, kid, ain't we all... Yeah, the problem is, you never can run far enough to forget exactly who you are...

(If Jodie chooses "Lie":)

Jodie: My boyfriend was... he was gonna kill me. So I just had to get away.

Stan: You made the right choice... Better be on the street than some guy treats you like his property...

(If Jodie chooses "Truth":)

Jodie: No, nothing like that...

Stan: Problems with the law, uh? Nah, is like, is none o' my goddamn business. As long as you ain't killed somebody, it's fine by me...

(After one of the dialogues)

Stan: You got some place to go? Family, friends, somebody missin' you?

(If Jodie chooses "Truth":)

Jodie: No... Yeah, I guess there IS someone, but... I don't wanna see him now. Not like this...

(Jodie gets up.)

Stan: You can stay here, if you like... I ain't got much to share but, whatever I got's yours...

Jodie: Thanks.

(Jodie puts the coffee in the table.)

(If Jodie chooses to talk to Stan, she'll be given dialogues.)

(If Jodie chooses "Trust":)

Jodie: I wish you HADN'T have saved me...

Stan: I know kid... I know but y'know we all go through that. Sometimes you just gotta, hang on in there and just wait for it to pass. Look everybody here has their own place... Sometimes it just takes a while to figure out where it is...

(If Jodie chooses "Others?")

Jodie: Do you know the others?

Stan looks at Jodie and points at Walter

Stan: That's Walter over there. Alright, he drinks a little bit too much, but he's a good guy.

Stan points at Jimmy

Stan: And that's Jimmy. Better steer clear of him when he can't get a fix.

The camera shows at Jimmy sitting down. And Stan points at Tuesday

Stan: And that girl is Tuesday. She's pregnant. (Camera shows at her) Poor kid...

(If Jodie chooses "Thanks":)

Jodie: Thanks, Stan.

Stan: Yeah.

(If Jodie chooses "Help":)

Jodie: Why did you help me?

Stan: Wasn't gonna let ya freeze to death! I was able to help ya, so I did. It's no big deal.

(If Jodie connected her memory with the photo of Nancy earlier, the "Woman" dialogue appears.)

Jodie: Was there someone close to you who died recently?

Stan: My... My wife... Nancy... Died of leukemia four years ago... How'd you know that?

Jodie: No... I... Ne-Never mind... Never mind...

(Jodie immediately gets up or if she chooses "Get Up".)

(If Jodie chooses to pick the photo of Nancy, then Aiden is able to connect her memory with the photo.)

Nancy: I... I got the results of the tests, Stan.

(Jodie can interact with the door behind the cartoon bedroom. While doing so, Jodie looks at a tunnel as she is freaked out by an entity, she tries catching her breath and Stan runs towards her to help.)

Stan: You've got the jitters... Are you on drugs..?

Jodie: No, no, no... No, no it's not what you think... It's hard to explain...

Stan: (upsetly) Well then don't explain, save it. But I gotta tell you, I ain't got no dope and I want nothin' to do with that shit, you got it?

Jodie: No, I... I don't do drugs, okay? That's the truth.

(Stan leaves.)

(Jodie can interact with a knife stabbed in a tire where she can use it to kill herself or put it back.)

(Jodie can choose to jump or back away from the ledge.)

(Stan walks to see Jodie and proposes a plan,)

Stan: Ahm, we've got nothing left to eat... Gotta do somethin' about it... You, uh... you wanna see how things work around here..?

Jodie: Sure...

Jodie follows Stan outdoors to sit on a cartoon piece while Stan tells Jodie what they need.

Stan: We need to make about five dollars and that's for something hot. Alright, we'll try here.

(Jodie can choose if she wants to find her own way to get money or sit with Stan on the table. If she chooses to sit with Stan on the cartoon piece, she'll be given dialogues.)

(If Jodie chooses "Cold":)

Jodie: Uh! I'm so cold...

Stan: Yeah.

(If Jodie chooses "Hungry":)

Jodie: I'm starving... You're gonna have to hold on until we get some cash. Think about something else.

(If Jodie chooses "Dollars":)

Jodie: How long does it take to get five dollars?

Stan: Well, I dunno, depends on people's good grace. Could take a couple hours... Could take all week...

(If Jodie used all the dialogues or chooses to "Get Up", then she gets up and talks to Stan before moving on.)

Jodie: Stan... I don't think it makes sense both of us being in the same place.

Stan: Yeah...

Jodie: I'm gonna go try over there...

Stan: Good luck, kid.

(If Jodie chooses to talk to the guitar guy by picking "Guitar":)

Jodie: Is that your guitar?

Guitar Guy: Yup. Just about froze my fingers off trying to play it before. You wanna try? Be my guest...

(Now Jodie is available to play the guitar, if she chooses to play it, she'll be prompted to tune the guitar strings. Then she plays it all day to night unless she chooses "Stop".)

(After playing guitar to the night, she'll realize that she earned enough cash. Then the guitar guy gives coins to Jodie for the music.)

Jodie: Thanks!

(If Jodie got enough money before night.)

Jodie: We've got enough.

Jodie: Let's see how Stan's doing...

(If Jodie took too much time without getting enough money:)

Jodie: It's getting dark out. We better go see Stan...

(After one of the outcomes.)

Jodie approaches Stan

Jodie: How is it going?

Stan checks his can to only see he has coins and tosses them back to it in disappointment.

Stan: Not great. You..?

(If Jodie didn't earn enough money, then she shows to Stan she has nothing or she has coins.)

Stan: (He gets up and sighs in disappointment. Jodie hands over the coins to Stan) That's not gonna help much. (He puts them in his pockets.) Alright, never mind. You stay here and I'll see what I can scrounge up, okay?

(If Jodie earned enough money earlier, she shows to Stan she has enough money, he stands up surprisedly.)

Stan: Holy sh...! Jodie! Where did you get all that cash?

Jodie: I found it...

(If Jodie played the guitar from a guy:)

Jodie: There was a guy, with a guitar and... I play guitar, I mean... I made a, I made a few bucks...

Stan: Oh well! That's something! That's really something. Stay right here. I'm gonna get us some food.

(If Jodie stole money from an ATM:)

Stan: Jodie... If you stole that money...

Jodie: It's not like anyone's going to miss it... And this way we can eat tonight. Stan, it's not like I killed anybody for it...

Stan: I'm gonna go get us some food. Stay right here.

(After one of the outcomes, Stan goes to the supermarket.)

Thug Leader: Uuhh! Whatcha got there, old timer?!

Thug 1: Well lookie here. You win the lottery, lucky son of a bitch?!

Stan: I don't want any trouble...

Thug Leader: Trouble? Trouble?! That is disrespectful, old man. Do we LOOK like trouble?