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Icon for the Houdini trophy.

Houdini is a bronze trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. It requires the player to get arrested three times and escape each time.

This is a three-part trophy, spanning multiple sections of the chapter "Hunted." In the beginning, while you are sleeping on the train, do not get up as the police board it. They will approach you and eventually arrest you. From here you will use Aiden to free yourself and unlock the handcuffs, and eventually Jodie will jump from the train.

The second chance occurs during the forest section. Some dogs will find you, and instead of fighting them off, simply do nothing. Eventually the cops will show up and arrest you for a second time. Bust yourself out of the car and cuffs, then steal the bike and ride off.

The third and final arrest occurs while you are driving. A helicopter will chase you and shine a spotlight on you. Once it does, simply stop driving, and after a short wait, the police will catch you again. Break out for a third time by possessing one of the SWAT members, and the trophy will unlock after the rest of the mission is completed.

Other Trophies Affected[]