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"I found you by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere."
—Lt. Sherman trying to talk to Jodie

Lt. J. Sherman is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls.

Character Information[]

Sherman is a deputy sheriff lieutenant who works at the Kyel County Sheriff's Office in Ohio. When he finds Jodie Holmes wandering along the side of the road after her escape from Brookhaven Hospital, he picks her up and takes her to the sheriff's office, where he unsuccessfully tries to convince her to talk to him. Soon after, a group of men in urban camouflage carrying weapons and wearing body armor labeled S.W.A.T. enter the building. They deploy while their leader silences Sherman. He then has the lieutenant open the door to the office where Jodie is waiting.

Nathan Dawkins arrives at the sheriff's office to find it a wreck, with the S.W.A.T. team lying dead on the floor and Sherman still standing unharmed in the center of the room in shock.