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"Why doesn't Jodie give us a demonstration of her super, mega powers?!"
—Jen asking Jodie to show Aiden

Jen (full name Jennyfer) is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in the chapter "The Party." She is a female friend of Kirsten, Steven, Emma, and Matt.

Character Information[]

Jen, along with her friends, is rude and overbearing to Jodie. She is seen at the party mostly with her two best female friends Kirsten and Emma.

If Jodie decides to have a beer, Jen snidely comments on how it was probably her first one after seeing her reaction to drinking it.

She also seems to have an interest in Jodie's powers (Aiden), referring to them as "super, mega."

However, Jen, like her friends, is a rebellious, rude, sadistic, and selfish girl. She also comments on Jodie's present, asking, "What is that?" As the rest of the group starts to mock her, she joins in and calls her a "freaky little lab rat." Once Matt calls her a witch, Jen suggests that they burn Jodie, which Emma does with her cigarette. She helps the group carry Jodie to the cupboard underneath the stairs and then goes back to the party.

If Jodie decides to get revenge on the group, Jen will get up and try to open the door out, only to find that it is locked. She can be terrorized along with the other guests until Aiden stops.


  • Jen buys Kirsten a thong with hearts on it for her birthday.