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"That's us, Jodie... the guys. This way, we'll always be here."
—Jimmy visiting Jodie at the hospital

Jimmy is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "Homeless" alongside Walter, Tuesday, and Stan.

Character Information[]


Jimmy is a homeless man living in Seattle, and is part of a group of homeless persons including Tuesday, Walter, and Stan. Both Stan and Walter state that Jimmy has a drug problem. Stan warns Jodie to stay away from Jimmy when he "hasn't had his fix."

While the group eats dinner later on in the chapter, Jimmy will be shivering and states that he is cold. Jodie can use Aiden's healing abilities to warm Jimmy up, which is part of the Miracles trophy.

When Tuesday goes into labor, Stan sends Jimmy to gain access to an abandoned apartment building so that Tuesday can deliver her baby. He gains access and leads the way after Stan and Jodie get the supplies from the supermarket. After Zoey is born, the group stays the night. They are later awoken by smoke and flames, as they realize that the building is on fire.

If the player is going for the Saved All trophy, Walter and Jimmy must be saved. Jimmy can be found on the second floor, surrounded by flames. He is hesitant to jump to safety, and will be unable to do so without being possessed by Aiden. If saved by Aiden, he will escape the building unharmed. If left alone, he will die.

If Jimmy lives, he will be seen visiting Jodie at Brookhaven Hospital while she is in a coma. He brings a photo of the group in for Jodie, telling her that they will always be here. It appears that he, along with Stan and Tuesday, are no longer homeless.