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Concept art of the living room in Jodie's apartment by Geoffroy Thoorens

Jodie Holmes' apartment is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. It serves as Jodie Holmes' residence during her time working for the CIA.

The CIA located this apartment for Jodie a few weeks prior to "The Dinner." After dinner reservations with Ryan Clayton fall through due to Aiden's interference, Jodie invites him to dinner to celebrate her recent move. She must then clean up the apartment and prepare a meal before he arrives.


Chapter Appearances[]


  • Jodie's apartment is located at 6192 Columbus Street on the 9th floor.
  • The city Jodie's apartment is in shares the same unique skybox texture as the city the hospital in "Homeless" is in. "Homeless" is set in Seattle, confirming that her apartment is also in this area.