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Concept art of the exterior of Jodie Holmes' cabin by Geoffroy Thoorens

Jodie Holmes' cabin is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. It serves as Jodie Holmes' residence after the events of "Black Sun" and only appears in the Epilogue (if the player chose "Life").

After the destruction of the Black Sun condenser, Jodie moves to a riverside cabin in Alaska in order to rebuild her life. Still grieving the loss of Aiden, she also discovers that her experiences in the Infraworld are affecting her memories. This inspires her to write down her life experiences, thus beginning the storytelling of the game. She lives in the cabin for at least three months. On the river banks (or at the cemetery, if Ryan and/or Cole are dead), she comes to a decision regarding her future.


Chapter Appearances[]


  • Several items from past chapters appear in the cabin.
    • A necklace from "Navajo" can be seen hanging on the wall next to Jodie's desk.
    • If Jodie took Bunny Gruff with her in "Separation," it can be seen lying on the bed.
    • If Jodie took Norah's necklace in "Norah," it appears on the nightstand next to her bed.