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For Jodie's adoptive father, see Philip Holmes.

Jonathan Nichols was a gifted human and the father of Jodie and Aiden. He makes no appearances throughout the game.


It is unknown how Jonathan met Norah Gray, but it can be assumed that they met while Norah was participating in a DPA research program. It is also unknown if he and Norah were ever married. In 1989, Norah became pregnant. This excited the DPA researchers, who convinced Norah to give up her unborn child to be studied. It was discovered later in the pregnancy that Norah was carrying twins.

According to Cole Freeman, Jonathan died of heart failure before his children were born. His son, Aiden, was strangled by the umbilical cord, resulting in a stillbirth. His daughter, Jodie, was delivered safely and taken from the delivery room. A distressed Norah tried to protest, but was sedated and taken to Saint John's Hospital, where she remained for the next twenty-four years. Jodie was adopted by Philip and Susan Holmes, and was raised unaware that the Holmes were not her biological parents.


  • Jonathan never appears in any of the flashbacks in "Norah."
  • It is unknown whether Jonathan and Norah were married prior to his death. Norah's younger self is not seen wearing a ring, and no suggestion is made that the two were married.
  • The DPA was aware that Jonathan was gifted, though his abilities are never shown or stated. Cole makes no mention of this if Jodie asks him about Jonathan in "Old Friends," suggesting that the DPA was unable to study him long enough to classify his gift or modified his records after his (apparent) death.