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"Kara" is a 2012 short film released by Quantic Dream and available as a collectible in Beyond: Two Souls. Like most collectibles, it can only be found by using Aiden. It can be unlocked in the chapter "Homeless."

The "Kara" presentation was created as a demonstration of the new engine created by Quantic Dream, running in real-time on PlayStation 3 hardware. It premiered on March 7, 2012 at the Game Developer's Conference. At the time of its premiere, Quantic Dream stated that the demo was "concept only and is not taken from any software title currently in development." However, thanks to its reception and creator David Cage's own curiosity about Kara's story, it was later expanded into the 2018 video game Detroit: Become Human.


"Kara" can be found outside the camp beside the blue tarp to the left of the exit.


A female android is being constructed by a machine. During this process, her AI comes online and she converses with an unseen operator. The operator instructs her to perform a series of actions to confirm that she is working properly, such as moving her head, blinking, and reciting her initialization text. Once these tasks are completed, he registers her name as "Kara." The rest of Kara's body is constructed, and she is allowed to walk freely. She asks what will happen to her, and when she is told she is a piece of merchandise to be sold, she tells the operator that she "thought [she] was alive." He recognizes this awareness as an error in Kara's memory components and begins to disassemble her, but she tearfully pleads with him to let her live. Moved, the operator allows Kara to be completed and to leave the factory. She smiles and thanks him before being boxed up alongside several other AX400 models. The operator is left to ponder the consequences of his decision, and the dangers that unleashing an artificial life-form with such lifelike qualities into the world might bring with it.





The Making of Kara



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