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Kirsten's House (Exterior)

Concept art of the exterior of Kirsten's house by Geoffroy Thoorens

Kirsten's house is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. It is a 1.5-story house in which one of the DPA employees lives with her daughter Kirsten. Nathan Dawkins brings a 14-year-old Jodie Holmes there for Kirsten's 17th birthday party in the summer of 2004, presenting her with a rare collection of poems by Edgar Allan Poe to give Kirsten as a birthday gift. After being tormented and locked in a cupboard under the stairs by Kirsten and her friends Emma, Jen, Matt, and Steven, Jodie breaks free with Aiden's help and can either leave the house quietly or get revenge on the teens, potentially setting the house on fire if she chooses to get revenge.


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