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Police Station (Front Desk)

Concept art of the Kyel County Sheriff's Office's front desk by Geoffroy Thoorens

The Kyel County Sheriff's Office is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. Lieutenant J. Sherman brings a 23-year-old Jodie Holmes there after finding her on the side of the road in a remote area and picking her up in his patrol car. She doesn't answer his questions about who she is and what happened to her, and telekinetically throws a coffee mug across the room when he notices the scar on her head.

Lieutenant Sherman's interrogation is interrupted by Commander T. Clieford and his SWAT team. They try to ambush Jodie in Sherman's office, but she massacres them and flees. When Nathan Dawkins arrives at the sheriff's office, Sherman is the only one alive.

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  • Kyel County, in which the sheriff's office is located, is a fictional county in Ohio. Its name can be seen on both badges inside the building and the exterior of the building by using a freecam.
  • The Kyel County Sheriff's Office is modeled after the Bazetta Township Administration Building in Cortland, Ohio.