"Don't be sad, daddy. Mommy couldn't do anything... But it didn't hurt."
—Laura, explaining her death through channeling

Laura Dawkins is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls, she was the daughter of Nathan Dawkins and Helen Dawkins.

Character InformationEdit

Laura was born on October 5, 1983, from Nathan Dawkins and Helen Dawkins.

Laura and her mother, were killed in a car accident due to a drunk driver, when Jodie was still a little girl, after the accident, Laura and her mother were taken to the hospital, but despite the doctors's efforts, they died.

She and Helen make an appearance in a total of three chapters Hauntings, Night Session, and Black Sun. In the former two, she and Helen will encounter Jodie and eventually guide her to Nathan's office, where he grieves for them with a bottle of alcohol. Jodie then channels both her and Helen in an attempt to console Nathan of their death.

In the chapter Separation, though unseen and only heard, her memory is engraved on a music box her father had gotten her. Jodie will witness Laura receiving it during an experiment, when Nathan tests her affinity to see others' emotional presence.

In the chapter Black Sun, should Nathan shoot himself while in the condenser, Laura and her mother will reunite with him, and the trio will fade away in a shower of particles.