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"For the hundredth time, you are NOT like everyone else..."
—Nathan, scolding Jodie

"Like Other Girls" is the twelfth (chronologically the ninth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie argues with Nathan and Cole about leaving the lab to socialize with friends.


When a teenage Jodie tries to argue with Nathan and Cole to leave the lab, they both disagree, saying she's different. When Nathan leaves and Cole is on guard duty, Jodie continues to beg him for release, but he repeatedly denies her request. In the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions of the game, Jodie's outfit is dependent upon the choices the player made in "The Party": if they had her terrorize the kids, she will be wearing an emo outfit and black eyeshadow with short black and blue hair; if they had her leave the kids alone, she will be wearing a more conservative purple shirt, jeans shorts, and black leggings with longer, undyed hair.

Finally, Aiden possesses Cole, who opens the door and lets Jodie go. To do so, the player needs to destroy some things in the apartment to gain Cole's attention. Jodie, followed by Cole (now controlled by Aiden), gets near the door leading outside when a guard stops her. Here the player can choose to either make Cole speak (which leads you to get in the car and drive toward the bar) or the two other options which lead to the guard touching Cole, resulting in Aiden being forced from his body. Cole is disoriented before figuring out what happened and calls Nathan back to the facility. Nathan will chastise Jodie for doing something that could be dangerous to Cole, and could put her in danger if she managed to leave. Jodie will be depressed and give an apology before saying that she only wanted to be like other girls. Nathan will reveal that he only does this because he wants to protect her, as he doesn't want to lose her. This leads to them hugging and the scene ends.

Should the player tell Cole to Speak, they will safely make it to the parking lot, and to Cole's car. It's to be noted the player has options on where to sit in the car — the trunk is recommended, as it hides Jodie from plain view. Down the road from the bar, Jodie tells Aiden to leave Cole "somewhere safe" while she walks the rest of the way.

Arriving at the Red House Bar, the only occupants are the bartender, Sam, two unknown men playing pool, and two men sitting at the bar — Earl and Frank. Sam will approach Jodie once she sits at a table, and ask just how old she is. She will claim she's 21. He will look unconvinced, but she assures him she just wants lemonade which he serves it. Eventually, the two men playing pool will leave. The player then can use Aiden to roam around and spy on Earl and Frank's conversation; hearing them making lecherous comments about Jodie, then the player after drinking the lemonade can interact with the door and leave the bar ending the chapter which cuts to the scene with her back to the DPA lab and Nathan scolding her the same way if she gets caught sneaking out of the lab.

Alternatively, if Jodie stays in the bar the player can interact with the arcade machine, the pinball machine, the jukebox, or the pool table in order to continue the chapter. If the player interacts with any of the objects except the pool table, Earl will stand up and invite Jodie to play (which she will do regardless of whether the player refuses or accepts). If the player interacts with the pool table instead, Earl will ask if she needs a "partner" and the player can once again accept or refuse. Earl won't take no for an answer and will come to play regardless.

While Jodie lies, avoids, or is honest to Earl and plays (which she can do successfully or unsuccessfully based on the QTEs), Earl subtly harasses her and begins touching her, making her concerned that the situation will escalate. The player has three options:

  • Discuss - Jodie tells Earl that her "parents" might be worried, and that she needs to be going.
  • Repulse - Jodie disgusted; shoves Earl away. Earl furiously shoves her onto the pool table in response.
  • Slap face - Jodie disgusted; slaps Earl across the face. Earl slaps Jodie in response.

Regardless of what the player does, Earl will put Jodie on the pool table and attempt to sexually assault her with Frank assisting him.

Aiden then angrily intervenes, causing Earl and Frank to release Jodie. The player can choose whether to kill the men by taking control of Sam and shooting them with a shotgun that he keeps behind the bar, strangling Earl and Frank (but not Sam), scaring them by trashing the bar and attacking them until Earl breaks down the door, or simply waiting. A DPA security guard bursts into the bar along with Cole and Nathan, horrified at the sight of the bodies and/or Jodie crying, and Nathan walks over to Jodie and gives her a hug to comfort her.

It is possible to completely avoid this outcome by leaving the bar beforehand after drinking the lemonade. This leads to the other outcome of Nathan chastising her and Jodie not traumatized which leaves to a consequence in "The Dinner" if she got assaulted by Earl and Frank.


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  • Path #1
    • Passed the entrance guard
    • Caught at the entrance
  • Path #2
    • Snuck or rushed out the DPA
    • Got caught at the barrier
  • Path #3
    • Spied on the customers
    • Didn't hear the customers
  • Path #4
    • Left the bar early on
    • Stayed in the bar
  • Path #5
    • Beat the attackers
    • Didn't defend Jodie
  • Path #6
    • Let the attackers escape
    • Killed at least one attacker


  • Together Forever - When arriving next to the entrance guard, make Cole speak by pressing the Playstation-Button-X button and escape to the bar. You must play pool and be assaulted by the men. Aiden then must kill everybody, netting you the trophy.
If the player leaves without playing pool, they will get the In Love with Ryan trophy during "The Dinner", at the expense of this chapter's trophy.


  • Bonus: Design Pack #8 - When you first enter the bar, look inside the men’s room.


  • In Jodie's living room area, a smiley face can be seen drawn with black paint in the upper-left corner of the room, with the security camera on the wall being its right eye.
  • In Jodie's living room area, a poster can be seen that resembles the Black Sun; the poster shows a girl standing in front of a swirling black mass adorned with many eyes.
  • It's unknown as to why none of Jodie's friends that she desperately wanted to hang out with are at the bar when she arrives, who these friends are, and how could Jodie have met them when she's hardly ever allowed to leave her room and all the people who work with her are older than she is.
    • However, in a later chapter, "Separation," it is revealed that Jodie does have classes with people her age. This is confirmed by her complaining to Cole that her teacher gave her entire class so much homework for the weekend and that it’s hypocritical for Nathan to chastise her for getting consistently bad grades when she is forced to do countless experiments during her study time.
  • This chapter takes place on Saturday, July 1, 2006. This can be seen on the wall calendar behind the desk of the DPA guard that stops Cole and Jodie.
  • If the player looks closely at the two men playing pool before they leave the bar (not Jodie's assailants), they look a lot like Matt and Steven from "The Party", albeit slightly older than before. They wear similar clothes, except that Steven doesn't have his hat on. It would make sense to see them here as they live in the town Jodie's complex is in, plus the bar doesn't seem to be that far as Nathan and a DPA guard find them quickly enough.
  • Unused audio indicates that it was possible for Aiden not to intervene when Jodie is assaulted by the men. This was likely changed for being too dark, especially considering her age.



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