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"We inject you with a neuro-acid which will put you in a permanent...coma. Exactly what we did with your mother... A simple and elegant way to put an end to our...collaboration."
—McGrath speaking to Jodie about her comatose state

Gen. McGrath is the secondary antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He is the lead army officer assigned to oversee the DPA's Infraworld research.

Character Information[]

McGrath is a four-star general in the United States Army who serves as the Director of the CIA. He has been responsible for funding the Infraworld Condenser project, provided that it be used to seek both mineral wealth and military options for the United States. He is responsible for authorizing a mission to Kazirstan following the discovery of a second condenser and intrusion into what he sees as American property.

Ruthless and single-minded, McGrath is prepared to utilize captured Entities as soldiers in warfare, ensuring that the U.S. remains the dominant superpower with this new tactical advantage. He is ultimately unwilling to let Jodie leave following the completion of her mission and so has her captured. He tells Jodie that they cannot let her go for fear of her powers, but nor can he kill her since the Infraworld would give her further access to them, so he has Jodie drugged in the same manner as her mother, revealing that he was the one to authorize the procedure.

With the help of Aiden, Cole, and Ryan, Jodie is freed. At that moment, the deranged Nathan deactivates the containment field in an attempt to merge the real world with the Infraworld, allowing the monstrous entities access to the CIA base. McGrath sees that Jodie has escaped and requests she protect him. She refuses to do so, stating that he deserves to be killed for all of the things that he has done, although Jodie admits that even the Infraworld doesn't deserve to be a home to someone like him either. He then orders Ryan to save him, but the angry Ryan instead punches the general and resigns from the CIA. His ultimate fate is unknown, but he is seen as a phantom in the Infraworld, suggesting that he either was killed or escaped the CIA base (although the former is more likely than the latter).