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"It just flipped over!"
—Mike to Arthur and Crawford

Mike is a minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "Hunted."

Character Information[]

Mike is one of the police officers dispatched to intercept Jodie Holmes as she makes her way through the forest after jumping off the train in Pennsylvania. Along with Arthur and Crawford, he waits by a roadblock she spots after climbing some rocks to elude Parker and Campbell. She uses Aiden to possess Mike, then has him fetch a shotgun from the back of one of the police vans and fire it into the air. While Arthur and Crawford are distracted, Jodie steals a motorbike and makes her escape.

If Jodie gets arrested in the forest, she strangles Smith, escapes from the police van, and distracts Mike, Arthur, and Crawford by using Aiden to flip over another van so that she can steal the motorbike.