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Concept art of Jodie and Ashkii near a hut in Monument Valley by Benoit Godde

Monument Valley is a location that appears in Beyond: Two Souls. A 23-year-old Jodie Holmes travels through it in the summer of 2013 while on the run from the CIA. She meets Paul, who lives in a house with his mother Shimasani and his sons Jay and Cory, and lets her stay with him in return for helping out on his ranch. She also learns about the threat Paul and his family face from the entity Yé'iitsoh, and seeks out five talismans that she, Aiden, and Shimasani can use to perform a ritual which will banish Yé'iitsoh and the restless spirits of the Dineh.

If Jodie chooses to be with Jay after the events of "Black Sun," she will return to Monument Valley to live on the ranch. If she chooses instead to enter the Beyond and Cole, Norah and Ryan have all died, her spirit (along with Shimasani's, and potentially Paul's if he has also died) will visit Jay at the ranch.

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