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"Stop living in the past, Stan."
—Nancy speaking through Jodie

Nancy is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls. She was the wife of Stan.

Character Information[]

Nancy's past is largely unknown. At some point, she and Stan married. The couple never had children.

One day, Nancy was diagnosed with leukemia, from which she died in 2008. Her death left Stan heartbroken, and he became homeless a year later.

Nancy appears in "Homeless" as a ghost, which Jodie is able to see appearing around Stan. She can optionally find and interact with a photo of Nancy. If she does, she sees a memory of her telling Stan about her diagnosis. Later in the chapter, Jodie can offer to allow Stan to speak to his wife. Nancy, speaking through Jodie, tells Stan that she never left his side after her death. Stan confesses that he feels empty without her in his life, and she encourages him to stop living in the past and to rebuild his life.