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This is the transcript of "Navajo," the fourteenth chapter in the original version and the twentieth chapter in the remixed version of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie hitchhiking through the Arizona desert. She stops to catch her breath, and Aiden is heard.)

Jodie: Look, I'm totally exhausted and thirsty, and I have no clue where we fucking are. So just play nice and give me a break, okay?

(Jodie sees a truck passing and puts her thumb out. The driver ignores her. A second truck drives past and also ignores her. Exhausted, Jodie stops to sit on a rock.)

Jodie: Everything's gonna be okay. We're in the middle of nowhere, I'm dying of thirst, and everything's fucked... But it's gonna be okay.

(Aiden is heard.)

Jodie: Leave me alone, Aiden.

(Aiden is heard again.)

Jodie: What?!

(Jodie turns to see a ranch nearby. She approaches it.)

Jodie (telepathically): It's okay, Aiden. There's no reason to be nervous.

(Jodie can look around the ranch. If she walks too close to the dog sleeping by the tree, it barks at her.)

Jodie: Ah! Back off there... I'm not gonna hurt you.

(If Aiden approaches the dog, it runs away.)

Jodie: Leave it alone, Aiden.

(Jodie approaches the front door and knocks. Jay answers.)

Jodie: Hey... I'm so sorry to disturb you, I'm just looking for some place to spend the night and I was hoping...

Jay: You can't stay here. Sorry.

(Jay tries to close the door.)

(If Jodie chooses "Barn":)

Jodie: Can I just... Can I just spend the night in your barn... Please? I mean, I promise I will be gone by morning.

(If Jodie chooses "Spend The Night":)

Jodie: Please, it's gonna be really cold tonight. I have nowhere else to go, and... Look, I promise I will be gone by morning.

(After choosing a response:)

Jay: I told you, you can't stay here. You need to leave now.

(Paul comes to the door. He and Jay have a conversation in Navajo.)

Paul: (to Jodie) It's okay, you can stay here tonight. Come in.

(Jodie enters the house and closes the door behind her.)

Paul: What's your name?

Jodie: Jodie.

Paul: I'm Paul. These are my sons, Cory and Jay, my mother, Shimasani. Don't be surprised if she doesn't answer you. She hasn't spoken in years. We were about to have dinner. Would you like to eat with us?

Jodie: Yeah. Yeah, thank you.

(Jodie sits at the table and begins eating.)

Paul: We don't see many hitchhikers out here. Can I ask where you're headed?

(If Jodie chooses "Lie":)


(If Jodie chooses "Evade":)

Jodie: I'm just going from town to town... No real plans.

(If Jodie chooses "Sincere":)

Jodie: I just keep moving from day to day. I guess if I keep going long enough, I'll figure out where I'm headed.

(After choosing a response:)

Paul: I see.

(Jodie is presented with several conversation options.)

(If Jodie chooses "Alone?":)

Jodie: This is the, uh... first ranch that I've seen in miles.

Paul: Mm. There used to be more of us. Many have left for the city. It's a hard life out here...

(If Jodie chooses "Ranch":)

Jodie: You guys are really far from everything here.

Paul: Hm. My family has lived here for generations. I was born here... I'll probably die here. I tell my boys to go, I know there's nothing for them here. But, uh... They want to stay with their grandmother and me, so.

(If Jodie chooses "Horses":)

Jodie: Do you breed horses?

Cory: Yeah, Mustangs. We also have a bunch of churros.

Jodie: Churros?

Paul: Sheep.

Jodie: Oh.

Paul: We sell their wool and milk. It's not much, but it keeps us alive.

(If Jodie chooses "Navajo?":)

Jodie: You guys are, um... Navajo, right?

Jay: We're Dineh.

Paul: That means "the people" in Navajo. That's what we call ourselves.

(After Jodie chooses three options, the dog begins to bark and the wind howls. Cory and Jay board up the windows.)

Paul: It's late. Jay will show you to your room. Good night.

(Jodie follows Jay.)

Jay: You stay in your room, no matter what you hear.

Jodie: What I hear? What do you mean?

Jay: You value your life? Lock your door and don't come out until the morning.

(Jay leaves. Jodie changes into her pajamas. She can explore the room. If she looks near the window, she notices ashes on the floor.)

Jodie: Ashes... What's got them so scared?

(Once Jodie is finished exploring the room, she can lay down. Aiden is heard.)

Jodie: I know. It's a very strange place... Don't worry. Tomorrow we'll be a long way from here. Good night, Aiden.

(Aiden says good night to Jodie.)

(In her sleep, Jodie has a vision of a sandstorm approaching the ranch, the bodies of dead sheep, the dog barking, Jay's warning, a distressed Shimasani, a forked tree, and an ancestral spirit. She wakes up screaming and leaves the bed, only to discover that the bedroom door is locked.)

Jodie: Shit... What's going on here? Aiden, find a way to open that door.

(Aiden opens the door, allowing Jodie to explore the house.)

(If Jodie knocks on Cory or Jay's doors, they do not answer.)

(If Jodie knocks on Paul's door:)

Jodie: Paul? Open up! What the hell is going on?

Paul: Go back to your room right now! Please, Jodie, just do as I ask.

(Paul closes the door.)

(If Jodie returns to her room, she can choose to continue investigating or go back to sleep.)

(If Jodie opens the front door, she is startled by a spirit. Cory closes the front door.)

Jay: What are you doing here?! I told you to stay in your room.

Jodie: What the hell was that?

Jay: Go back to bed. You can leave in the morning.

(Jay and Cory leave, and Jodie returns to her room.)

(Regardless of if Jodie went back to sleep or opened the front door, she wakes up the next morning and puts on her previous outfit, but stops when she exhales a cold mist. A spirit appears behind her, but vanishes before she sees it. She enters the dining room to see Paul.)

Paul: You looked exhausted. I told the boys to let you sleep.

Jodie: Thanks, I... I really needed it.

Paul: Made some coffee.

(Jodie can use the pot to make herself a cup of coffee. She approaches the front door to leave, but hesitates.)

Jodie: I'm gonna hit the road... Thank you.

Paul: There's a lot of work to be done on the farm. Maybe you'd like to stay on for a few days, lend a helping hand? Couldn't pay you anything, but uh... you'd have a roof, food on the table. What do you think?

(Jodie smiles.)

Jodie: Yeah... Yeah, why not?

(Paul nods.)

Paul: Hm, good. You'll find some work clothes in Cory's room. See you outside?

(The scene transitions to Jodie exiting the house, now dressed in work clothes. Paul is tending to the mangled body of a sheep.)

Paul: Ready for work?

Jodie: I'm ready when you are!

Paul: The sheep need water. Think you can handle that?

Jodie: Sure!

(Jodie must fill a bucket with water and bring it to the trough.)

Cory: So, you're gonna stay a while?

Jodie: It looks that way.

Cory: Great! I mean... it's good to have some help.

(Once Jodie has filled the trough:)

Paul: Thanks, Jodie. Can you get some hay from the barn?

(Outside, Jodie can speak to Shimasani.)

Jodie: Hi... My name is Jodie, and I'm... I'm gonna stay here for a bit and help out. I hope that you don't mind...

(If Jodie touches Shimasani's blanket:)

Jodie: This is beautiful! Did you make this yourself?

(Shimasani remains silent. Jodie gets up.)

(If Jodie looks at the motorcycle in the barn:)

Jodie: Holy shit, an antique! This has gotta be like forty or fifty years old!

(If Jodie repairs the motorcycle:)

Jodie (thinking): Good job.

(Jodie can find a journal on the table inside the barn. One of the pictures inside resembles the apparition she saw. When she touches the picture, the apparition appears behind her again. Just as before, it vanishes before she turns around.)

(Jodie must climb the ladder to retrieve a hay bale. When she tries to pull one free, she finds that it is stuck.)

Jodie (telepathically): Help me, Aiden.

(Aiden must blast the hay bale.)

Jodie: Take it easy, Aiden! Just one bale, not the whole goddamn haystack.

(Jodie climbs back down the ladder and picks up the hay bale.)

Cory: Hey, Jodie! Lunch?

Jodie: Okay! Let me just finish this first!

(Once Jodie carries the hay bale into the sheep pens:)

Paul: Put it down anywhere. Thanks, Jodie.

(Once Jodie puts the hay bale down:)

Paul: It's lunchtime. Go and join the boys if you're hungry.

Jodie: You coming?

Paul: Later. I still have work to do.

Jodie: Okay. Later, then.

(Once Jodie walks over to Cory and Jay, Cory hands her a bowl.)

Cory: Have a seat.

Jodie: Thanks.

(If Jodie chooses "Ranch":)

Jodie: There's a lot of work to do on the ranch.

Cory: Yeah. Jay takes care of the horses. I watch the churros and my father does just about everything else.

(If Jodie chooses "Navajos?":)

Jodie: Are there other Navajo ranches around here?

Cory: There used to be about fifty some years back, but now there's just us. The others got scared off--

Jay: The others decided to go live in the city. Not everyone wants to live in the desert.

(If Jodie chooses "Shimasani":)

Jodie: Is it... true that your grandmother hasn't spoken in... in years?

Cory: Yeah. My father said she hasn't said a word since my great-grandmother died. That's gotta be... thirty years.

(After asking two of the above questions, Jodie is given two new options. If she did not open the front door, the "Noise" option will be available. If she did, the "Apparition" option will be available.)

(If Jodie chooses "Noise":)

Jodie: What were those noises last night? Sounded like something was banging on the house, and...

Jay: That's just the wind. It makes strange sounds in the desert.

(If Jodie chooses "Apparition":)

Jodie: You know, when I opened the door last night... I saw something. I'm pretty sure someone was outside.

Jay: I don't know what you're talking about. It was probably a dream.

(If Jodie chooses "Sheep":)

Jodie: I saw the dead sheep... What happened to them?

(Cory looks at Jay.)

Jay: The storm. They wander out of the pen and choke to death on the sand.

(Once Jodie has chosen both options:)

Jay: Do you always ask so many questions?

Jodie: When I don't understand something, yeah.

(Jay sets his bowl down and stands up.)

Jay: Yeah? How about if I started asking you questions? Where you come from? What you're doing here? You probably wouldn't like it, huh? So keep your secrets to yourself... and don't ask any more questions. If you'll excuse me, I got work to do.

Cory: Eh... Don't mind him, Jodie. He's okay when you get to know him.

(Jodie shakes her head.)

Jodie: I'll bet...

Cory: Well... I guess I better get back to it, or Paw will get mad. See you later.

(Cory leaves. Jodie rolls her eyes at herself.)

Jodie: Well done, Jodie...

(If Jodie approaches Paul and chooses "Help?":)

Jodie: Hey! Anything else need doing, Paul?

Paul: No, but maybe the boys could use some help.

Jodie: Okay, I'll check.

(If Jodie enters the sheep pens and chooses "Help?":)

Jodie: Hey, you need help, Cory?

Cory: No, not really...

Jodie: I'm gonna go see if Jay needs any help.

Cory: Yeah, later.

(If Jodie walks over to the horse pen and chooses "Help?":)

Jodie (thinking): Let's see what Jay's doing.

Jay: Whoa, Ashkii. Whoa.

(Jay walks over to Jodie.)

Jay: Proud and stubborn. Never wants to go in with the others...

Jodie: Do you mind if I try?

Jay: You worked with horses before?

Jodie: (chuckles) No.

Jay: Go right ahead. His name's Ashkii.

(Jodie climbs over the fence and approaches Ashkii.)

Jodie: Hey there, Ashkii... Don't be afraid, I'm just gonna come over there, okay? Easy... Easy, boy.

(If the player tries to switch to Aiden:)

Jodie (telepathically): No, Aiden. This is between him and me.

(Once Jodie successfully approaches Ashkii, she reaches out and touches his muzzle.)

Jodie: See, Ashkii? That's not so bad, is it? Admit it, you kinda like me, huh? Hey, Aiden... ever dreamed of riding a horse?

(Aiden possesses Ashkii.)

Jodie (telepathically): Take him to the enclosure.

(Once Ashkii is inside the enclosure, Aiden leaves him and returns to Jodie.)

Jay: How'd you do that?

Jodie: We all have our secrets, right?

(Jodie climbs back over the fence.)

Jay: Maybe I misjudged you.

(Jodie approaches Paul.)

Paul: If you want to take a shower, it's behind the barn. Ladies first.

Jodie: It's fine by me!

(While Jodie is showering, she encounters another apparition and notices the word "Crown" written on the shower wall.)

(The scene transitions to Jodie eating dinner with the family.)

Cory: ...And then, the guy left running -- and you know what? He was never seen again!

(Jay, Paul and Jodie laugh. Just as before, the wind begins howling and Cory and Jay board up the windows.)

Paul: It's... time to go to bed.

Jodie: What's happening here? Why do we have to lock up the house?

Paul: Just go to your room, Jodie, and don't come out no matter what happens. You remember the sheep last night? I don't want anything to happen to you.

(If Jodie chooses "Persist":)

Jodie: God, for God's sakes, Paul. What's going on here?

Paul: Just go to your room. There's nothing you can do.

(If Jodie tries to go to her room, she turns and looks back down the hall.)

(If Jodie exits the house, a massive sandstorm can be seen looming over the ranch. She hides behind a rock, and growling is heard as a skull-like face with glowing eyes forms out of the storm. Several glowing apparitions appear and attack the sandstorm; it sprouts claws and hits the roof of the house, frightening the horses.)

Jodie: Oh, fuck!

(Jodie runs from the sandstorm as it moves towards her. She must jump over fences and dodge flying debris.)

(If Jodie makes it into the shed, claws emerge from the wall next to her.)

(If Jodie fails to dodge the claws, she is scratched across the stomach, staining her shirt with blood. Otherwise, she is unhurt.)

(If Jodie escapes the shed, it is destroyed by the sandstorm. Claws emerge from the ground to grab her.)

(If Jodie frees herself, she continues running. The claws swipe at her again.)

(If Jodie dodges the claws, she is lifted up from the ground.)

Jodie: Aiden! Aiden, help me!

(Aiden must shield Jodie, causing the claws to drop her. She sees the glowing apparitions surrounding her. As the sandstorm fades, they disappear.)

Paul: Jodie! Jodie, I told you to stay in your room! You could have been killed!

Jodie: What's happening here? What was that thing?

Paul: You should have listened to me... Stayed in your room.

Jodie: You have to tell me the truth. You have to tell me the truth, now!

Paul: It's Yé'iitsoh. He wants blood, that's all he's interested in. We can't do anything about it. You can't fight a spirit.

Jodie: Spirits don't live in this world. If he's here, there's a reason.

(The scene transitions to the next day. Cory and Jay are watching Jodie and Ashkii.)

Jodie: You remember, Ashkii? We're friends, right? I'm just gonna put my foot in the stirrup and climb up, okay?

(Once Jodie has climbed onto Ashkii:)

Jodie: I need to figure out how to go forward...

(Once Jodie exits the enclosure:)

Jodie: Hey, what do you think, Ashkii? We're doing pretty good, huh?

Jay: That horse is gonna have to tell me your secret! Listen, I'm headed over to the pasture to tend the churros. You wanna come?

Jodie: Sure.

Jay: Let's go, then!

(Once Jodie reaches the pasture, she climbs down and follows Jay to the sheep pen. They sit by a tree.)

Jodie: Look, I know you don't wanna talk about it, but I really need to know what happened last night.

(If Jodie chooses "Entity":)

Jodie: Your father knew this spirit. It's not the first time he's come, right?

Jay: Yé'iitsoh has always been here. It comes at night and steals souls... The old ones used to say it's a curse: the price our tribe had to pay for living on these lands.

(If Jodie chooses "Spectres":)

Jodie: And the ghosts that surround the house... Do you know who they are?

Jay: My father says five spirit guardians have always protected our tribe. They come at night to prevent Yé'iitsoh from killing us... I don't know if it's true, but Yé'iitsoh has never managed to get into our house.

(If Jodie chooses "Often":)


(If Jodie chooses "Paul":)


(After Jodie has chosen two options:)

Jay: My turn to ask you some questions. What are you really doing out here in the middle of the desert? It feels like you're running away from something...

(If Jodie chooses "Evade":)


(If Jodie chooses "Truth":)

Jodie: I guess I'm just trying to forget. You know, make a new start. Maybe I'm just running away from myself.

Jay: You're like us. You also have your dark secret, don't you, Jodie?

(If Jodie chooses "Lie":)


(If Jodie chooses "Truth":)

Jodie: I, um... I have to tell you something. I...

(Regardless of whether Jodie lied or told the truth, they are interrupted by Paul calling for Jay over the radio. Jay answers in Navajo.)

Jay: That was Paw. There's no water at the ranch. Something must be up with the well. I'm gonna have a look on my way back.

Jodie: I can go take a look if you want.

Jay: Don't know if you'll be able to do much.

Jodie: I'll do what I can. Where is the well?

Jay: It's over there. It's got a windmill. shouldn't be hard to find.

Jodie: Okay. I'll see you back at the ranch.

Jay: Okay, see you later.

(Jodie climbs back onto Ashkii.)

(Once Jodie reaches the well, she notices that the windmill is blocked by debris. Aiden must blast the debris to remove it.)

Jodie: Good work, Aiden! The pump's running again.

(Jodie sees another apparition in the distance and enters the small building it was standing next to. When she exits, she experiences a vision; it is suddenly nighttime, and dead horses can be seen among the burning tipis. As she walks into the burning village, she is stopped by an apparition, who begins to write on the ground. A horse rides by, snapping Jodie out of the vision. She looks down to see an arrow and the word "CROWN" written on the ground, and remembers when she saw it on the shower wall.)

(Once Jodie climbs back onto Ashkii, she rides in the direction of the arrow to find the ruins of a fort.)

Jodie: Fort Crown... Why have I been brought here?

(Jodie climbs down and explores the fort.)

Jodie (telepathically): Can you see anything, Aiden?

(Aiden can draw Jodie's attention to a discarded sword. When she touches it, she experiences a vision of soldiers being attacked and killed by Yé'iitsoh.)

Soldier: Come on! Show yourself, varmint!

Jodie: An entity massacred the soldiers in the fort... Could it be Yé'iitsoh?

(If Jodie tries to leave the fort before finding more clues:)

Jodie: Wait a sec... Feels like we missed something.

(Aiden can draw Jodie's attention to a hat partially buried under rocks. When she touches it, she experiences a vision of another soldier being attacked. This time, she notices a tree in the vision.)

Jodie: The forked tree... I have to find it.

(Aiden can draw Jodie's attention to an object partially buried under rocks next to a tree. When she touches it, she experiences a vision of another soldier being attacked.)

(Once Jodie has seen all of the visions, she can leave the fort.)

Jodie: The Devil's Fork... the place I saw in my visions.

(At the Devil's Fork, Aiden can draw Jodie's attention to an area on the ground. Jodie digs through the sand to discover a human skull, a mask, and a talisman.)

(If Jodie picks up the mask, she remembers the apparition she previously saw.)

Jodie: Ghosts... They were wearing these ritual masks.

(Jodie puts the mask back.)

(If Jodie touches the skull, she experiences a vision of Yé'iitsoh killing one of the Dineh.)

Jodie: They were killed by the entity...

(If Jodie picks up the talisman, she puts it in her pocket. Aiden is heard as other areas around her are blasted.)

Jodie (telepathically): Thanks, Aiden.

(Jodie discovers three more identical talismans, but the last area is missing its talisman.)

Jodie: Weird... This one has no talisman.

(If Jodie picks up the mask, she experiences a vision of two Dineh summoners. One is holding a baby, swaddled in a blanket which resembles Shimasani's. The talisman is put around the baby's neck as the second summoner leaves.)

Jodie: The fifth talisman... He put it around the baby's neck.

(Jodie takes out the other talismans.)

Jodie: Help me, Aiden. I've got to see what happened.

(With help from Aiden, Jodie experiences a vision of Dineh summoners chanting and opening a rift into the Infraworld. Yé'iitsoh exits the rift before the vision abruptly ends.)

Jodie: It all went by too fast! I didn't understand it! It's, it's just all mixed up... It's as if something's missing. I'll show the talismans to Paul. Maybe he'll know something...

(Jodie climbs back onto Ashkii. A sandstorm can be seen approaching the ranch. As she returns, she sees Cory kneeling by an injured Paul.)

Cory: PAW!

Jodie: What happened?

Cory: Yé'iitsoh... It came in broad daylight. We were trying to get to the house, but Paw.... Paw fell...

(Jay approaches.)

Jay: Cory, get the car!

(Cory attempts to start the car.)

Cory: Come on, come on, come on! Start, start already, god damn it! It won't start, Jay! It won't start!

Jodie: The entity's coming back...

(Jay lifts up Paul.)

Jay: We've gotta get to the house.

Jodie: I don't think that's gonna help...

Jay: There's nothing else we can do! My father told you, you can't fight a spirit!

(Jay lays Paul down in a bedroom.)

(If Jodie interacts with Shimasani's blanket:)

Jodie: This blanket... It's the one that was on that baby.

Shimasani: Mother gave it to me. Like her mother, before. She also give me this...

(Shimasani holds out the fifth talisman.)

Jodie: The fifth talisman...

(With the fifth talisman, Jodie is able to see the completed vision. The summoners chant in a circle around a fire.)

Jodie: This is where it all began... I need to watch carefully. Remember every detail...

(Jodie notices a symbol written on the ground before the vision ends.)

Jodie: Your ancestors... They summoned Yé'iitsoh here.

Shimasani: They were lost... Full of hatred for the white man. They bring spirit to kill their enemies and gain revenge. But he turned against them. He was still hungry... Hungry for blood. Yé'iitsoh is back. He has come to take our lives.

Jodie: Your ancestors, they're the guardians who protect the house, right?

Shimasani: They know they were wrong, so they returned to protect us from the evil that they released.

Jodie: If they brought the entity here, I mean, there's gotta be some way to send it back to its own world.

Shimasani: They used a ritual to open the passage... I still remember the incantation, but the ritual is lost in the past.

Jodie: I saw it... I saw the ritual in my vision! Look, I'll prepare it, and you can help me with the incantation.

Shimasani: Hurry! He is coming.

(Before leaving the house, Jodie can enter the bedroom and speak to Paul.)

Jodie: I'm sorry, Paul... It's all my fault. I stirred up old memories... I never should have come here. I never bring anything good with me...

(If Jodie heals Paul:)

Jodie: Aiden has done all he can. The rest is up to you, Paul.

(Once Jodie exits the house:)

Jodie: A fire... I have to make a fire in the front of the house.

(Jodie must collect the firewood next to Jay.)

Jodie: Okay... Okay, now something to light the fire.

(Jodie must pick up the tank of gasoline near the house and pour it over the wood, then strike a match to light the fire.)

Jay: Jodie! What the hell?!

Jodie: Trust me! I know what I'm doing!

Jay: We gotta get inside! The storm is coming!

Shimasani: Leave her be, Jay!

Cory: Shimasani? You... You can talk?

Shimasani: A stick, Jodie! You must find a stick to draw the signs!

(Jodie must pick up a stick next to Cory. She draws a circle around the fire, and is given four symbols to choose from.)

(If Jodie draws the correct symbol:)

Jodie: That's it... Now the talismans. I have to remember where each of the medicine men stood.

(Jodie positions the talismans.)

Jodie: There... That's exactly right! Okay, now each of you needs to stand next to a talisman! There must be a soul attached to each one!

(Cory wheels Shimasani in front of one of the talismans and stands next to another one, followed by Jay.)

Jodie: There's only four of us, and five talismans! We need a fifth soul to complete the ritual!

Jay: This is crazy, Jodie! We're all gonna die if we don't go inside right now!

Jodie: Fuck! Fuck, we need one more soul!

(Aiden must lift up the last remaining talisman.)

Jodie: That's it! We've got the five souls. Shimasani, start the incantation now!

(Shimasani begins to chant. The rift opens above the circle.)

Shimasani: The passage is open, Jodie! You did it! You did it!

(Yé'iitsoh emerges from the sandstorm and transforms into the same form seen in Jodie's vision. The five apparitions appear and attack him, and the rift begins to draw him into itself.)

Jodie: Aiden... Aiden, you've gotta help them...

(If Aiden successfully blasts Yé'iitsoh three times, the entity is drawn into the rift completely as it closes.)

(As the sky clears, Jay and Cory wake up.)

Jay: Jodie!

(Jay goes to Jodie, while Cory goes to Shimasani.)

Cory: Shimasani!

(The scene transitions to Jodie following Jay on horseback.)

Jay: No white man has ever been to the place I'm taking you. My people have buried our dead there for many hundreds of years. For us it's sacred land.

(At the entrance to the canyon, Jodie climbs down from Ashkii and follows Jay, bringing a woven blanket with her. She joins Cory, Jay and possibly Paul at Shimasani's grave, and sets the blanket at Shimasani's feet.)

Jodie: These are the bones of your ancestors. I'm sure they would have wanted to be buried alongside their own people.

(Jodie begins to cry as Cory buries Shimasani. As the group departs, she sees another apparition near the entrance to a small cave.)

(If Jodie follows the apparition and enters the cave, she finds cave drawings depicting someone with an entity attached to them by a tether.)

(The scene transitions to sometime later, as Jodie prepares to leave.)

(If Paul is alive:)

Paul: So it's decided? You're leaving?

Jodie: There's things I have to do. You know, I... I used to think my gift was a curse. But maybe I was wrong... Maybe I can use it to help people. Find out who I really am.

Paul: You did a lot for us, Jodie. For us, and the memory of our people. I don't know how to thank you.

(Paul hugs Jodie.)

Paul: If you don't find what you're looking for, come back here. You have a home...

Cory: I'm gonna miss you...

Jodie: Me too, Cory... I'll never forget you.

(Cory and Jodie hug.)

Jay: Ashkii is gonna be very sad without you.

Jodie: But one day I'll come back and see him...

(Jodie can choose to hug or kiss Jay.)

(Cory brings out the motorcycle from the barn.)

Cory: Hey, Jodie! You didn't think you were just gonna walk, did you?

(If Jodie repaired the motorcycle:)

Paul: You spent a lot of time fixing that bike. Take it. It's yours. It's the least we can do to thank you.

Jodie: Oh, thanks!

(Jodie starts the motorcycle and rides off. As she departs, Shimasani's spirit appears beside her family. The chapter ends.)