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"Yes, hold on... - Nathan it's for you."
—Cole, answering the telephone

"Night Session" is the seventeenth (chronologically the sixth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie has a late night with Cole and Nathan in the lab.


Jodie is seen watching a cartoon on the TV, starting to fall asleep. She gets up after becoming bored, and asks Nathan if they can go yet. Nathan is surprised by the time, and apologizes for being too distracted by his work to notice. He offers to read her a bedtime story, recognizing that she has had a long day. She readily agrees, and he says he left the book in the other room. He tells her to get it, and in the meantime he will finish up.

Jodie then walks through an open doorway behind Cole and Nathan, and into a small storage room. The sole light begins to flicker as she nears the desk, and believing it to be Aiden's handiwork, she admonishes him. The pages of the book flip open before she touches it, and she begins to grow nervous. Book in hand, she makes her way back, but is startled by a sudden apparition of a blood-soaked girl. Behind her is another woman, also covered in blood. They disappear as quickly as they materialize, leaving Jodie afraid and confused.

She hands the book to Nathan, who, along with Cole sitting beside him, has not noticed anything strange. She then becomes distracted by the two women appearing behind Nathan's shoulder, who stare at her silently. Nathan frowns and asks if Jodie is alright. He says she looks pale, but Cole brushes it off as her being tired and tells him they should get her to bed. Nathan, however, is not completely convinced, but guides her out of the room regardless.

The pair is interrupted by Cole, who has answered the phone and claims it's for Nathan. Nathan hands the book to Jodie and takes the phone from Cole. He's silent as he listens, and as the seconds tick by, his face drops. Cole looks over to him in concern, calling his name. Nathan settles the handset back into its cradle and leans on the desk, distraught. His wife and daughter were driving back from his mother's house when their car was struck by a drunk driver.

Cole orders Nathan to stay where he is, and that he'll be right back once he puts Jodie to bed. He ushers her out of the room, leaving Nathan to cry alone.


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  • Bonus: Design Pack #10 - At the start of the chapter, go through the door behind Nathan and Cole and the soul will be in the right side corner of the room.



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