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This is the transcript of "Norah," the twentieth (chronologically the twenty-second) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie and Cole parked outside of Saint John's Hospital, a psychiatric facility run by the DPA.)

Cole: I don't like it, Jodie. No guard on gate, empty parking lot... Something doesn't feel right.

Jodie: If I'm not back in thirty minutes, just go.

Cole: Girl, I ain't come here to wait in no car.

(Cole exits the car.)

Jodie: Cole. Cole, wait!

(Jodie is prompted to exit the car. She and Cole enter the hospital's reception area.)

Cole: Try the polite approach. Gets them every time.

(Jodie approaches the reception desk.)

Jodie: Hey. I've come to see Norah Gray.

Receptionist: Can I see your authorization?

(If Jodie chooses "Plead":)

Jodie: Can you help me out? Look, she's my mother and I haven't seen her in...

Receptionist: I'm sorry. All visitors must have the correct authorization.

(If Jodie chooses "Evade":)

Jodie: Maybe we can go without authorization this time? I mean, maybe we can just... come to some kind of an arrangement?

Receptionist: I'm sorry. All visitors must have the correct authorization.

(Aiden can possess the receptionist and call down the elevator, or use the computer to find Norah.)

(If Aiden uses the computer first:)

Cole: Hey, there's no call button. Maybe it's behind the desk.

(If Aiden calls down the elevator first:)

Cole: Hey! We don't know what room she's in.

Jodie: I'll find out.

(If Aiden uses the computer, he types Norah's name into the search bar. The computer screen displays that she is in room 43 on the seventh floor.)

Jodie: Found her! Norah Gray, seventh floor, room 43.

(Once Jodie enters the elevator, Aiden stops possessing the receptionist.)

Cole: So far, so good.

(Jodie and Cole exit the elevator on the seventh floor. They notice a guard nearby.)

Cole: What now?

Jodie (telepathically): Aiden, find a way to open that door. Have a look around.

(Aiden can look around the guard's office and use the controls on the desk to open the door. The guard notices and closes it.)

Jodie (telepathically): Crap. You gotta distract the guard first.

(Aiden can distract the guard by interacting with various objects.)

(If Aiden interacts with the computer:)

Guard: Goddamn!

(If Aiden interacts with the phone, it starts to ring.)

Guard: Security. Yes, hello?

(The guard puts the phone down.)

(If Aiden interacts with the fuse box, he can disrupt the power.)

Jodie (telepathically): Nice, Aiden. Now unlock the door.

(If Aiden unlocks the door before the guard repairs the fuse box, Jodie and Cole are able to sneak past.)

Jodie: Come on.

Cole: I don't think he saw us...

(Jodie looks through a door and sees that the floor is apparently empty.)

Jodie (telepathically): There must be something.

(Aiden enters the asylum hallway and notices a sleeping employee, but is unable to reach him.)

Jodie (telepathically): He's too far away.

(Aiden can move chairs and tables to get the employee's attention. Once the employee is close enough, he can possess him and use his keycard to open the door. He knocks the guard unconscious once Jodie and Cole enter the room, leaving the keycard for Jodie to use. Jodie uses the stolen keycard to enter the asylum hallway.)

Cole: Aah, jesus. Crazy folk really creep me out. Can we find room 43 and get the hell out of here?

(Cole starts to look for Norah's room. Aiden can disable the security cameras in the hallway.)

(If Aiden enters room 36, the patient inside looks around.)

Patient in room 36: I can see you, Aiden. I can see you!

(If Aiden enters room 37, the patient inside is sitting on the bed, seemingly talking to himself.)

Patient in room 37: We mustn't neglect anything... we have to study the smallest detail. We'll have a big problem later on if we neglect the details. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody. They wouldn't understand. It'll be our little secret...

(If Aiden enters room 38, the patient inside is sitting on the floor, making strange noises.)

(If Aiden enters room 39, the patient inside is sitting on the floor, apparently listening to something.)

(If Aiden enters room 40, the patient inside is thrashing on the bed.)

Patient in room 40: Why do you wanna hurt me? I didn't do anything. No, I didn't do anything... You... you have got to stop torturing me, I need to sleep, do you understand? I need my rest... yes, that's it. I have to get my rest. I can't stand it anymore, I'm at the end of my rope... All these voices in my head, day and night, it's becoming unbearable, do you understand? Unbearable!

(If Aiden enters room 41, the patient inside is standing in the corner of the room.)

Patient in room 41: Go away! Stay out of my room! You're the devil... the devil!

(If Aiden enters room 42, the patient inside is sitting in a chair, whimpering.)

(If Aiden enters room 44, the patient inside is sitting in a chair, rocking back and forth.)

Patient in room 44: Leave me alone! Stop it! I beg you, please stop... Don't hurt me, please, don't hurt me. Go away. Go away! They're here... You hear me? They're here!

(If Aiden enters room 45, it is empty.)

(If Aiden enters room 46, the patient inside is pacing, scratching his arm.)

Patient in room 46: Are you willing to sacrifice your life to save this crazy world, Jodie?

(If Jodie takes too long to find Norah's room, Cole calls out to her.)

Cole: I've found it, Jodie!

Jodie: Good job.

(Once Jodie finds room 43, she is prompted to enter the room.)

Cole: I'll wait here. Jodie... She may have lost her mind. She might not even know you're there. Maybe you shouldn't go in...

(Jodie enters the room. Norah is sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.)

Jodie: Mom, it's me... Jodie...

(Jodie kneels in front of Norah and tries to get a response from her. When Norah is unresponsive, Jodie takes her hand and starts to cry.)

Jodie: I'm your daughter...

(Norah does not respond. Jodie presses Norah's hand to her own face.)

Jodie: I'm your daughter... Help me, Aiden.

(Jodie sees flashbacks of Norah's memories.)

(In the first flashback, Norah uses psychokinesis to move a cup across a table.)

Scientist: Well done, Norah.

(In the second and third flashbacks, Norah is visibly pregnant.)

Scientist: The mother and the father, both gifted... Do you realize how important this baby is?

Scientist 2: You won't be able to, Norah. Let us take care of everything... It's for the best, you know that.

(In the fourth flashback, Norah has just given birth to Jodie. The infant Jodie is removed from the room by a doctor.)

Norah: But she's my baby! Bring her back, I've changed my mind! I want my baby!

(The lights flicker as Norah grows more agitated.)

Doctor: Sedate her quickly!

Doctor 2: Get the baby out of here!

Norah: Please! I want to see her! Please, please let me see her! I want my child! Please let me see her...

(Norah is sedated. Susan and Philip are seen with the infant Jodie.)

Scientist: She may develop some special abilities. Let us know as soon as anything unusual happens.

(In the fifth flashback, Norah is in her hospital room at Saint John's.)

Scientist: Increase the dose. Make sure she never regains consciousness.

(The flashbacks end.)

Jodie: I'm sorry... I'm sorry... It was my fault...

(Jodie turns away to leave, but is stopped by Aiden.)

Jodie: What, Aiden? What are you trying to show me?

(Jodie sees a figure shrouded in darkness.)

Jodie (telepathically): Destroy this thing, Aiden! Destroy it now!

(Aiden destroys the darkness covering the figure, revealing that it is Norah.)

Jodie: Mom?

Norah: My little girl! My little girl...

(Jodie tries to hug Norah, but her hands pass through her.)

Norah: I was so afraid I would never see you again... I've missed you so much, Jodie. I've missed you so much...

Jodie: What happened? What did they do to you?

Norah: The drugs they gave me trapped me in this hell. There's nothing... nothing I can do... Just wait for it to end.

Jodie: No, I'm gonna... I'm gonna get you out of here, I'm gonna help you.

Norah: It's too late, Jodie. It's too late... I love you more than anything else in the world. Nothing will ever change that.

(The darkness surrounds Norah again, trapping her.)

Jodie: Mom!

(Jodie can optionally take Norah's necklace and put it on before leaving.)

(If Aiden stops Norah's heart, she dies with a peaceful smile, and Jodie can close her eyes. Her spirit appears behind Jodie.)

Norah: I'll always be with you...

(Jodie breaks down in tears.)

(If Aiden left Norah alive and Jodie goes to the door, she is presented with the option to stay or leave. If she chooses "Stay," she closes the door. If she chooses "Leave," she exits the room. If Aiden stopped Norah's heart, the option to stay is not given.)

(Once Jodie exits the room, she is surrounded by armed CIA personnel.)

Cole: I'm sorry, Jodie...

(Jodie is knocked unconscious and wakes up in an opulent office. Exploring, she finds the snow globe and the picture of Helen and Laura, revealing that the office belongs to Nathan. She exits the office and observes a massive condenser.)

Nathan: The most powerful condenser ever created... Impressive, isn't it?

Jodie: Nathan!

Nathan: Jodie...

(Jodie hugs Nathan.)

Nathan: It's good to see you. I was so afraid something happened to you... You've lost weight! You look exhausted! But at least you're alive. Let's go into my office.

(Nathan leads Jodie to his office.)

Nathan: Please, have a seat. How do you feel?

Jodie: I've been better. That hit on the head did not help...

Nathan: I'm sorry, I told them not to hurt you. I just didn't want to give you a chance to use Aiden...

(If Jodie chooses "CIA":)

Jodie: How did they find me?

Nathan: They've been tracking you ever since you escaped. They wanted to kill you, but I convinced them to wait for a while, and watch you from a distance.

(If Jodie chooses "Cole":)

Jodie: Where's Cole?

Nathan: He's at home, he's fine. I know he was trying to help you. Don't worry, there won't be any consequences for last night.

(If Jodie chooses "Norah":)

Jodie: What happened to my mother, Nathan?

Nathan: Norah was unstable... They were afraid she was a danger to herself and her baby.

Jodie: My mother would never hurt me.

Nathan: They couldn't take that chance. Look, I was a researcher at the DPA, Jodie. I didn't discover until much later what happened...

(If Jodie chooses "Truth":)

Jodie: Why did you never tell me about my mother? Why did you hide the truth all these years?

Nathan: I tried to tell you... But how do you tell a little girl that her life isn't real? So I looked after you, loved you. I tried to protect you as best as I could.

(If Jodie chooses "Fake Parents":)

Jodie: Why all the lies, Nathan? Those people pretending to be my parents?

Nathan: The DPA thought you needed a stable emotional environment: a home, loving parents, some semblance of a normal life. Whatever would help us study you in the right conditions.

Jodie: Study me? ...Study me? What was I to you, Nathan? A little lab rat? I was just a girl for fuck's sakes! I was just a little girl...

Nathan: You were the link. The link between our world and the Infraworld. You were everything we ever dreamed of.

(After all dialogues are chosen, Jodie stands up.)

Jodie: So now what? You're just gonna hand me back to the CIA? Is that the plan, Nathan?

Nathan: They brought you here because they have something for you to do and they'd be very grateful if you'd do it.

(If Jodie chooses "Bitter":)

Jodie: Help them? You want me to help the people that took away my mother and stole my life? I mean, haven't I done enough?

(If Jodie chooses "Angry":)

Jodie: So you want me to work with the people that tried to kill me? Is that what you’re asking me?

Nathan: Jodie, listen to me—

Jodie: Why should I listen to you? You work for them and you lie to me about my mother and my parents, and for what?! The money, or the power, or the fame?!

(After choosing an option:)

Nathan: We know another country has discovered the Infraworld. They think it's something to be controlled and manipulated. They have no idea what they're dealing with. If entities enter our world, do you know what that would mean, Jodie?

Jodie: What has all this got to do with me?

Nathan: Because you know the Infraworld better than anyone.

Jodie: It's the CIA's job. And I'm done with that.

Nathan: They want to offer you a deal. You do this for them and they'll let you out. You're free. Jodie, do you know what will happen if a passage is opened? It'll be the Apocalypse. You have the power to stop this.

(The chapter ends.)