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For the chapter of the same name, see Norah.
For Jodie Holmes' adoptive mother, see Susan Holmes.
"There's nothing... nothing I can do."
—Norah, discussing her fate

Norah Gray is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the mother of Jodie and Aiden.


It is unknown how Norah met Jonathan Nichols, but it can be assumed that they participated in the same DPA research program and met there. It is also unknown if she and Jonathan were ever married. In 1989, Norah became pregnant, which excited the DPA researchers. Jonathan allegedly died of heart failure prior to the birth; it is suggested that the DPA used this event to convince Norah to give up her unborn child to be studied.[1] It was discovered later in the pregnancy that Norah was carrying twins.

After Jodie was delivered safely, the medical team realized Norah's other child had been strangled by his umbilical cord. The only birth recorded was his stillbirth. Jodie was removed from the delivery room by a doctor, distressing Norah. Norah shouted for the doctor to let her see her children, insisting she had changed her mind. The doctors ignored Norah's protests and sedated her. Meanwhile, the infant Jodie was adopted by Susan and Philip Holmes, who were advised to contact the DPA if and when Jodie manifested unusual abilities. The couple raised Jodie as their own daughter until her bond with Aiden, Aiden's actions, and the entities drawn to Jodie from the Infraworld resulted in her parents contacting the DPA and ultimately leaving her in the care of Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman. Norah was committed to Saint John's Hospital, a psychiatric hospital run by the DPA. While there, she was injected with a neuro-acid that destroyed her psychic abilities and placed her in a catatonic state.

Events of Beyond: Two Souls[]


Norah appears in a vision Jodie has while comatose in the hospital.


Jodie is able to track Norah down with help from Cole, but is unable to interact directly with her. As Jodie tearfully begs for a response from her, she views several of Norah's memories, revealing how she came to be at the hospital. Aiden is able to link Jodie with what remains of Norah's consciousness, allowing them to speak briefly. Despite Jodie's desire to help her escape, Norah sadly tells her that it is too late for her and that all she can do is wait until she dies. She tells Jodie that she loves her before the vision ends. If Jodie chooses to end Norah's suffering, Aiden telekinetically stops Norah's heart. She dies with a smile on her face. Her spirit appears behind Jodie to tell her that she will always be with her. Regardless of her decision, Jodie can optionally take Norah's necklace before leaving her hospital room.

If prompted, Nathan claims that the DPA thought Norah was unstable. When Jodie denies that Norah would hurt her, he tells her that the organization couldn't afford to take that chance.

Black Sun[]

When Jodie enters the Black Sun condenser, she relives troubling moments from her past, including meeting Norah in the hospital. When she reaches the lever, she has another vision of her birth, but hears Norah calling for a second child. This causes her to realize that Aiden is her stillborn twin brother.

If Aiden stopped Norah's heart earlier, she appears in the Beyond after Shimasani and potentially Paul, smiling at her daughter.


Norah appears in one of the game's epilogues, depending on Jodie's choices.

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond and Norah is alive, Jodie visits her in her hospital room as an entity. Her presence causes a nearby lamp to flicker, and Norah can be seen smiling.

Powers and Abilities[]

Psychokinesis: Before being administered the neuro-acid, Norah possessed the ability to psionically move and affect matter. In her memories, she was able to move a cup across a table by staring at it, and caused the lights to flicker when she became upset with the doctors for taking Jodie out of the delivery room.


  • Norah is the only member of Jodie's biological family whose living status is determinant.
  • Norah's age is confirmed by her model data, which states that she is 45 years old at the time of "Norah". While an age is not given for her younger model in the flashbacks, her possible birth years would make her 19-20 years old during the flashbacks.
    • Norah being 20 years old when her children are born is the more likely estimate, unless her birthday occurs in mid-to-late September, which would then make her 19. However, no exact birthdate for her is known.
  • Although McGrath uses the term "coma" in reference to Norah's drugging, a more accurate term would be catatonia. Norah is seen sitting upright with her eyes open, but does not respond when spoken to or touched.
    • There are two occasions where Norah is seen responding to outside stimuli: if Aiden stops her heart, and if Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond and visits her again in the hospital. On both of these occasions, she is shown smiling.
  • In order to be able to view her ending, she must be left alive. If you use Aiden to stop her heart, her ending in the Beyond will not be available.
  • She shares similarities with Ann Sheppard, a character in the previous Quantic Dream game Heavy Rain.
    • They are both severely ill, and are visited by their children in a hospital.
    • They cannot be communicated with directly. Norah can only be heard thanks to Aiden. Ann needs to see certain items to trigger her suppressed memories.
    • They can both be killed by their children. In Norah's case, it's optional for Jodie to use Aiden to stop her heart. In a deleted scene, Scott Shelby suffocates Ann with a pillow.
    • They both provide valuable information, which has great impact on the overarching storyline.
    • They both debut in chapters named after them — "Norah" and "Ann Sheppard."


  1. Jonathan never appears in any of the flashbacks in "Norah," and is not mentioned when Norah is convinced to give up her unborn children. The preceding flashback also only mentions a single child, suggesting that Jonathan's death occurred prior to the discovery that Norah was carrying twins.