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This is the transcript of "Old Friends," the nineteenth (chronologically the twenty-first) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


(The chapter opens with Jodie approaching Cole in a city park.)

Cole: Jodie! My little princess!

(Cole and Jodie embrace, both smiling. He pulls back to look at her.)

Cole: Let me look at you, girl! Oh my god, what a beautiful young woman you've become! Just as pretty as ever...a little sad and lost, like the first time I saw you.

Jodie: You can't even imagine how much I've missed you.

(Cole looks up.)

Cole: And how's Aiden, huh?

(Aiden is heard.)

Cole: Oh yeah! Good to see you too, buddy.

Jodie: Walk with me?

(Cole takes Jodie's hand as they start walking.)

Cole: I was worried. They're looking for you...

Jodie: I had to run away. I mean, I had no choice.

(If Jodie chooses "Discreet":)

Jodie: Did you tell anyone that I called you?

Cole: No, of course not. Not even Nathan. Wouldn't do me any good to be meeting up with a known felon, now would it?

(If Jodie chooses "Dawkins":)

Jodie: How's Nathan?

Cole: Oh, he's the big boss now. He's running the DPA. He's come a long way since the days of our little lab...

(If Jodie chooses "Cole":)

Jodie: And you? What are you working on?

Cole: I'm running a small group. We're trying to classify the types of entities, see if there are different species, that kind of thing. It's not the highest priority, but I get to do what I want, so...

(If Jodie chooses "Experiments":)

Jodie: Have they made any progress on the Infraworld?

Cole: Oh, they've sunk millions into developing a new condenser, the most powerful ever created. Of course, that was only possible once the army got involved.

(The "Military" option appears.)

(If Jodie chooses "Military":)

Jodie: You're working with the army?

Cole: Nathan had no choice, really. It's funding, on the condition of exploring "possible military applications." Go figure.

(After choosing three of the above options, Jodie stops walking.)

Jodie: What I talked to you about... Did you find out anything?

Cole: On the day you were born, a woman named Norah Gray had a child in the DPA hospital. Her child was declared stillborn.

(If Jodie chooses "Norah?":)

Jodie: What else did you learn about her?

Cole: Not much. All I know is that she took part in a DPA research program some twenty years back. She also had a gift.

(If Jodie chooses "Father?":)

Jodie: And the father? Did you learn anything about him?

Cole: His name was Jonathan Nichols. He died before the birth. Heart failure. That's all I could find.

(If Jodie chooses "Where?":)

Jodie: Where is Norah now?

Cole: She was interned in a psychiatric hospital just after she gave birth. According to her file, she should still be there now.

(After choosing "Where?", two new options appear.)

(If Jodie chooses "Hospital":)

Jodie: My mother is locked up in a mental hospital?

Cole: I'm sorry, Jodie...

(If Jodie chooses "Why?":)

Jodie: My mother's been in a mental hospital for twenty-four years? I mean, why? What happened?

Cole: That's all the file said. I'm so sorry.

(After choosing one of the above options:)

Jodie: I've gotta go see her.

Cole: Jodie, I know how you feel, but she's in a mental hospital. You might not get the answers you're looking for.

Jodie: I'm not looking for answers. I just need to see her. I mean, don't you understand? She's my mother. If I look her in the eye, I could find out who I truly am.

Cole: Jodie... She's in a high-security DPA facility, and you're wanted by every law enforcement agency in the country. You won't be able to walk right in.

Jodie: Nothing is gonna stop me from seeing her. Look, you've taken a huge risk helping me. Thank you, Cole.

(Jodie hugs Cole and starts to walk away.)

Cole: Hey!

(Jodie turns around.)

Cole: You didn't think I was going to let you go alone, did you?

(Jodie smiles as the chapter ends.)