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Park 1

Concept art of the park by Florent Fierval

The park is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. A 25-year-old Jodie Holmes meets Cole Freeman there on September 21, 2014 after deserting the CIA and being on the run for two years. Cole informs her that Nathan Dawkins has become the Executive Director of the DPA and is working with the military, then tells her about her biological parents: her mother Norah Gray has been in a psychiatric hospital for the last 24 years, and her father Jonathan Nichols died before she was born. Jodie insists on seeing Norah so that she can better understand herself and Aiden; Cole, though initially reluctant, agrees to come with her.

If Jodie and Ryan Clayton both survive the events of "Black Sun" and she chooses not to be with him, she will meet him in the park to explain that she can't see her future with him.

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