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"I was born here. Probably die here."
—Paul, discussing with Jodie about his living situation.

Paul is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls, he is also the son of Shimasani, and the father of Jay and Cory.

Character Information[]

Paul was born on June 30, 1958, from a Unnamed Man and Shimasani.

At some point of his childhood or adolescence, his father died.

At some point of his life, Paul married his future wife, later, the couple had their first son, Jay, born on January 3, 1985, and seven years later, the couple had their second son, Cory, born on November 11, 1991.

Paul runs a ranch in the American Southwest, with his sons, Jay and Cory, and cares for his mother, Shimasani. He and his family are Dineh, and have lived on the ranch for generations.

Paul has told his sons they should leave the ranch as he believes there is nothing for them there. Cory and Jay prefer to stay on the ranch with their father and grandmother largely for fear of their safety due to the presence of Yé'iitsoh, a vicious and ancient entity that troubles the ranch and its surrounding lands.

Depending on how successful Shimasani and Jodie's re-enactment of the ceremony that summoned Yé'iitsoh is, and how well Aiden and Jodie battle the entity, Paul may or may not be killed. However, you can use Aiden to heal him before the ceremony to keep him alive.


  • His wife was never seen or mentioned throughout the game, suggesting that Paul is divorced or widowed.