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Icon for the Perfect Lover trophy.

Perfect Lover is a bronze trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. It requires the player to cook a meal, clean up the apartment, take shower, wear the elegant dress, and put on some music. It is fairly straightforward. Once all of these requirements are successfully completed, the trophy will be achieved.


  • Cook a meal - Go to the kitchen, open the cookbook, and cook Asian beef or chicken curry. Ryan prefers Asian beef, but either is fine as long as you don't order pizza.
  • Put on some music - Go up to the stereo near the TV and turn on the music. Any kind is fine, but "Romantic" is the preferred choice.
  • Clean the apartment - Pick up the dirty clothes, the books, the trash, the chairs Aiden puts on the table, and the video games.
  • Take shower - Go to the bathroom and take a quick shower.
  • Wear an elegant dress - After the shower, go up to the wardrobe and simply choose the option "Elegant."
  • Set the table - Interact with the cupboard near the table to place the plates and candles on it.

Other Trophies Affected[]