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Some removed content exists for Beyond: Two Souls, which can be found in the game files, early builds, and concept art. This content includes chapters and sequences that are not present in the final game, as well as dialogue and character information.

Chapter-specific information is organized in chronological order. Information regarding chapter placement may be inconsistent with dates on the Timeline page due to changes in the game's act structure and play order.

Unused Dialogue[]

Main article: Unused dialogue

Several pieces of unused dialogue can be found in the extracted game files.

Character Information[]


  • During development, Aiden was called Anael. This name can still be seen in the game files and the debug menu.
  • An early scene board instead names Aiden "Asael". This may have been a precursor to the above.
  • The Department of Paranormal Activities was originally called the DTRC (Defense Technology and Research Center). This name can be seen in early concept art and some assets in the November 2012 test build.
  • Philip was originally named John. The objects list for "First Steps" still displays this name, as does an early script page for "My Imaginary Friend...".
  • At one point, Cole was going to be named Jesse Lewis. Text files still display the designation "JLE" for Cole's voice lines, and the internal name for the Epilogue sequence where Jodie visits Cole's office as an entity sometimes appears as "2617_JESSE_OFFICE". Renders for Cole's office in the DPA complex are also labeled "DPA Jesse Floor".[1]
  • A 2013 mockup of the chapter select screen implies that Gavin was another early name for Cole, as this name appears in place of the chapter "Old Friends".
  • Early concept art of Kirsten's house gives her name as "Brenda".


  • Several pieces of concept art by Benoit Godde depict the entities with more aquatic designs.

Aiden's Abilities[]

  • In the E3 2012 preview build, it was possible for Aiden to manually exit a possessed character at any time. This would have been done by rapidly shaking the controller while in control of a possessed character.
  • Concept art for "Hunted" depicts Aiden being capable of possessing one of the police dogs chasing Jodie in the forest.
  • At one point during development, Aiden's abilities were finite and would need to be recharged using energy absorbed from various sources. The files from earlier builds reveal what these sources were, as well as how much energy certain actions cost:
    • When taking control of Aiden, the player would begin with 100 energy points.
      • Minor actions, such as causing a character to shiver by interacting with them, would cost 2 points.
      • Blasting objects would cost 5 points.
      • Possession would cost 10 points.
      • Choking would cost 25 points.
      • Aiden's energy would automatically decrease once the player took control of him, but would decrease faster with increased distance from Jodie.
    • To recharge, Aiden would have four potential energy sources to regain energy from:
      • "Plankton:" Suggested to be house plants. These sources would respawn after 10 seconds and recover between 10-50 points; Aiden would need to be within a distance of 3 meters to consume them.
      • "Aura" and "AuraDeath": Suggests that Aiden could absorb the life energy of a person, or from the bodies of the deceased. "Dead auras" would recover 60 points, and Aiden would need to be within a distance of 5 meters to consume them.
      • "Emotion": Suggests that Aiden could absorb emotional energy from living beings.
  • Aiden's abilities have a different appearance in some early builds of the game.
    • In the E3 2012 preview build, an additional yellow cord could be seen when Aiden interacts with objects.
    • In a later test build, the tether seen when switching to Aiden was less solid and colored blue instead of purple.

Chapters and Locations[]

Scene boards displayed in the Visual Arts making-of video reveal the names of several removed chapters: "First Steps," "New Agent," "The Senator," and "The Shaman". The files for the November 2012 test build also reveal a slightly different chapter order.

Original Chapter Order[]

In the November 2012 test build, "The Experiment," "Night Session" and "Hauntings" all take place before "Alone". In the final game, "Alone" occurs after "First Night" and is followed by the previously named chapters.[2]

The test build's file naming also indicates that the game originally followed a longer act structure. Further evidence of this can be seen in concept art and a script page (labeled "CHILDHOOD") briefly seen in the Visual Arts making-of video. Later in development, acts II and III were merged together. The files list the original structure as follows:


According to the November 2012 test build, the Prologue was originally planned to take place in the same destroyed city seen in the Epilogue. The files for this build contain an unused area labeled "0101_PROLOGUE".

First Steps[]

This chapter, which featured a baby Jodie interacting with Aiden for the first time, was intended as the initial gameplay tutorial. When it was replaced with "The Experiment" as the tutorial, Quantic Dream intended to release it as bonus DLC, evident by the game files containing code checking for a "FirstStepsAddon". Text files confirm that it was meant to occur after "Broken" and before "The Experiment" in the game's play order.

The interaction triggers, sound effects, variables, and objects list can all be found in the game files and demonstrate what this chapter may have looked like.

Interaction Triggers[]

  • JodieSitAndLookAiden
  • ZoneBaloonNoBlast
  • ZoneSteamFather
  • ZoneJodieFall
  • ZoneAmbianceExterieure
  • ZoneAmbianceRDC
  • ZoneAmbianceJHORoom
  • ZonePictoBlastCadres
  • ZonePictoBlastChair
  • ZonePictoBlastJodieBed
  • ZonePictoBlastToyBox
  • ZonePictoBlastWoodTrain
  • ZoneExitPicto
  • ZoneTutoLookJodie
  • ZoneTutoWalk1
  • ZoneTutoWalk2
  • ZoneTutoWalk3
  • ZTutoAidenInRDC
  • ZTutoAidenNearFather
  • ZoneReminderManif2
  • ZoneReminder3
  • ZoneJodieOutOfRoom
  • ZonePlushToy
  • ZoneAidenHalwayToArtMo
  • ZoneAidenNearSusan
  • ZoneCenterRoom
  • ZBlockAidenParentRoom
  • ZAidenBlockZone02
  • ZAidenBlockZone03
  • ZAidenBlockZone04
  • ZAidenBlockZone05
  • ZAidenBlockZone06
  • ZoneExitingParentsRoom
  • ZoneEnterparentsRoom
  • ZoneCollisionSusan1
  • ZoneCollisionSusan2
  • ZoneCollisionSusanPhone
  • ZoneCollRattle
  • ZoneCollTutoWalk
  • ZoneCollXylo
  • ZoneXylophonePlay
  • ZoneSusanTakeSqueakToy
  • ZoneSusanGiveSqueakToy
  • ZoneJodieGetUp
  • ZoneTeddyBear
  • ZonePlayRattle
  • ZoneTeat

Sound Effects[]

  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_3D_SBlastDesk_Fall
  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_M_sHugJodieBear_HugTeddyBear_Grab_Plushl
  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_3D_sFatherReactKettle_Sit_Chair
  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_3D_OpenCorridorDoor
  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_3D_ColDyn_WoodCubes_On_HardFloor_C_Light
  • IW_0301_FIRSTSTEPS_SFX_3D_Blast_Drawing


  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurInteractionsJodie = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurRaccourci = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bEnterTutoWalkZone1 = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bEnterTutoWalkZone2 = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bEnterTutoWalkZone3 = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoControlDone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoWalkFinished = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iTutoLookTrigValueTest = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerTutoLookStarted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoSqueakFinished = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoXyloDone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoBearDone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoCrossWallDone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoBlastLaunched = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTutoParentsBedroomDisplayed = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieOutOfRoom = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iNumberActionToAiden = 3
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSwitchAidenReenabled = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCounterBlast = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bCutsceneLaunched = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieEnterSqueakZone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanIsOnSqueakZone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodiePlayedSqueakToy = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanLegUp = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanLegUpCYC = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bHasAlreadyLegUp = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanLegAlreadyActive = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanDialInterrupted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iPhoneDialCue = 1
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanDialLoop = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanTookRattle = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanSitted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSusanMoveToStandUp = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerFinallaunched = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieIsOnTheCarpet = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bStopCamera = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTeatInMouth = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerSwitchAidenLaunched = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bAidenInRoom = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bAidenOutside = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bAidenRDC = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bSqueakThrowed = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iToySqueezed = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.fAidenPitch = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.flRotateLeft = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.flAidenRotateRight = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bBallonDisable = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerPlusStarted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerMoinsStarted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurTutoMVTAiden = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurMVTTutoCamera = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurBlastsZoneCadres = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurBlastsZoneChair = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurBlastsZoneBed = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurBlastsZoneToyBox = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurBlastsZoneWoodTrain = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bMugBlasted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bTimerEnableSwitchLaunch = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bFinalTimerLaunched = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iCompteurFourActions = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bFirstRDCVisit = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieOutOfRoom1stTime = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieAlreadyTryOutOfRoom = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieOutZone = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bJodieValidateSwitch = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iActionReminderDone = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iAidenBlasting = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bPictoAffiche = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bMugReminder = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iItemNearFatherBlasted = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bLevitPlushToyGetUp = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.iAidenBlastFather = 0
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bKettleBlasted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bRadioBlasted = false
  • QDR._0301_FIRST_STEPS_Var.bKitchenLampBlasted = false


  • JodieBaby
  • Susan
  • John
  • ArtMobileToy
  • Fridge
  • Curtain
  • CurtainB
  • JodieBed
  • GiraffeLamp
  • RoomLamp
  • KitchenLamp
  • KitchenTable
  • Mug
  • Chair
  • Toybox
  • Desk
  • Commode
  • BabyGym
  • BedChest
  • Plush
  • Xylophone
  • XyloStick
  • Kettle
  • Radio
  • Doudou (French for "security blanket")[3]
  • Pacifier
  • Phone
  • WoodTrain
  • Balloon
  • ToyElephant
  • SqueakyToy
  • Rattle
  • BabyDrawingA
  • BabyDrawingB
  • JohnChair
  • JohnMug
  • JohnPaper
  • AuraJodie
  • AuraSusan
  • AuraJohn

A playable version of this chapter exists in a 2012 test build of the game. Additionally, the menu catalog for baby Jodie's facial expressions still exists in the final game files.[4]

Welcome to the CIA[]

There were several training exercises removed from the final version of this chapter. These are intact (albeit unlinked) on the original PS3 release of the game, but were deleted entirely from subsequent versions.

  • "1203_HARD_TRAINING_FOREST_PUMPS": An additional training exercise in the forest, instructed by Vince. This exercise took place in a cut area labeled "CIA_FOREST_WINTER".
  • "1204_HARD_TRAINING_LEARNING": Jodie would be taught how to speak and understand Japanese. Despite being numbered after the "Forest Pumps" exercise, it was meant to occur before it, evidenced by her shorter hair length during this exercise.
  • "1205_HARD_TRAINING_FIGHT_2": A second fighting lesson with Vince. This was meant to occur after what would have been the second "Learning" exercise (which was retained in the final version).
  • "1206_HARD_TRAINING_AIDEN_2": A second exercise focusing on use of Aiden, instructed by Nick. During this sequence, Aiden would again be tasked with moving objects from a distance, this time with cars instead of barrels. This would also be timed, unlike the first exercise. This was meant to occur after the final fighting lesson.
  • "1207_HARD_TRAINING_GUN_FIGHT_2": A stealth exercise where Jodie would have to sneak up on Nick. This was likely intended to teach the player how to utilize the takedown mechanic. It was meant to occur after the above exercise.

It was also originally possible to succeed during the exercise where Jodie is performing a split in the dojo. In the final game, she will always injure her leg.

New Agent[]

This chapter, set after "Welcome to the CIA" and before "The Embassy," was an additional training mission set in a fake city in Iraq. This mission was designed to simulate a real combat scenario and hostage rescue. It is likely that the hostage was intended to be Ryan.

Some unfinished areas for this chapter can be found in the November 2012 test build.

The Senator[]

The November 2012 test build contains nearly complete areas for this chapter, which reveal several details about its intended plot.

Set in December 2010,[5] the CIA sends Jodie and Ryan to Somerville, Massachusetts[6] to protect senatorial candidate Howard Jones, who is being targeted for assassination by an unknown party. Jodie would speak to Jones in his dressing room; items in this room indicate that Stella is Jones' makeup artist. Other items in the room reveal that Jones is also partaking in the use of drugs. Jodie could channel a bag belonging to Stella and see a vision of her in the women's restroom. Following the vision, Jodie would enter an employees-only elevator leading to a security corridor on an upper level, then exit this corridor into the main convention hall to reach the restrooms. Investigating the restrooms, Jodie would discover that Stella was murdered by the same assailant that is targeting Jones. The layout of the convention center implies that she was killed so the assailant could infiltrate the catwalk above the stage, as there is a staircase leading to the catwalk behind the senator's dressing room.

From here, Jodie and presumably Ryan would attempt to warn Jones not to give his speech, only to be dismissed. During Jones' speech, the assailant is spotted, leading to a chase into the convention center's parking garage. The presence of an emergency staircase leading to the elevators, as well as a second staircase in the parking garage, implies Jodie would have a choice of which method to use to reach the garage. Items in the parking garage (including a knife) imply that the assailant would try to escape only to be caught by Jodie and Ryan, resulting in a brief fight. The hospital area indicates that either Jodie or Ryan could be injured during the fight and taken to the hospital at the end of the chapter.

The index of areas and sub-scene designations for this chapter is as follows:

  • _1501_SENATOR:

Some assets were also repurposed for other chapters after this chapter's removal.

  • The character model for Jodie as she appears in "Old Friends," "Norah," "Briefing," and briefly in the Epilogue is labeled "IW_JHO_20_SEN". Similarly, Ryan's character model in "Briefing" is labeled "IW_RLC_SEN".
  • A truck that appears in the Epilogue if Jodie chooses to be with Ryan is labeled "IW_EPLCLAYTHOME_EXT_EPLCLAYHOME_OUTSIDE_IW_SENATOR_VAN2". This truck was likely intended for the parking garage segment.

French columnist Priscilla Liaud was cast as a journalist interviewing Jones. Liaud mentioned the role on her Instagram account two weeks after the game was released, apparently unaware that her role and the chapter it was associated with were removed.[7]

Additionally, the French artbook L'art de Quantic Dream contains an excerpt of the script for this chapter. Below is a transcript of the readable sections of this excerpt.


(When the player has seen "Timetable" in the dialogue with the senator or channeled Stella's bag:)

Jodie (to herself): The ladies' restroom... The only place Stella was alone before she died.

(If the player has channeled Stella's bag:)

Jodie (to herself): The ladies' restroom... This is the place I saw in the flash. Stella took something from her bag and left it here...


(Jodie can climb up on the toilet bowl in each of the cubicles and lift up the false ceiling panel. She finds nothing.)


(Jodie looks in the bin near the sinks. The bin has obviously just been changed. Jodie takes out the bag that Stella carried entering the restrooms on the video and in the flash.)

(Before channeling the bin and if the player has channeled Stella's bag:)

Jodie (to herself): Shit... This is the bin I saw in the flash. But there's nothing in it.

(If the player has seen "Timetable" and after channeling the bin:)

(Jodie pulls out her hand without having noticed anything in the bag. End of readable section.)


"Broken" originally took place before "Hunted" and was not a separate chapter at all, but rather part of the latter (confirmed by the absence of its internal name in the original scene list above). In this version, Jodie is found by Lt. J. Sherman soon after jumping from the CIA helicopter, and leaves the sheriff's office after being declared a fugitive. Concept art dated 2010 depicts Jodie in Sherman's office with longer hair and injuries seemingly sustained during the mission in Somalia, rather than the shaved head she has in the final version. This explains why "Broken" and "Hunted" both take place in or near the fictional Kyel County, Ohio.[8] Dates for other pieces of concept art suggest that the presence of the SWAT team was a late addition to both chapters, as was moving "Broken" forward in the play order (separating it from "Hunted") and changing Jodie's appearance to be consistent with the ending of "Homeless".

In this version of the story, the ending cutscene of "Homeless," in which Jodie is picked up by Sherman, was likely meant to occur after she calls Nathan in "The Mission." In the latter, Jodie lands near a gas station and uses a nearby payphone to call Nathan, while in the former she is found wandering in the forest (presumably the same area seen when she jumps from the helicopter). This is supported by Nathan's dialogue during the call indicating he is unaware of what occurred in Somalia or that Jodie has fled from the CIA, suggesting that she was not yet declared a fugitive at that point. Jodie would then have gone into the forest intending to cover her tracks, only to be found by Sherman and driven back into town to be questioned at the sheriff's office (concurrently with the CIA informing the police that Jodie is wanted for treason).

This change in chapter placement introduces some continuity errors in the final version:

  • Sherman does not already recognize Jodie as a wanted fugitive when he encounters her, despite her having been pursued through Kyel County previously.
  • Logistically, it would be impossible for Jodie to return to Kyel County from Seattle (the setting of "Homeless" according to the overpass signs) within hours of her escape from Brookhaven Hospital.

In the 2012 test build and the E3 trailer, there is an additional scene where Clieford, desiring revenge against Jodie for the deaths of his team during "Hunted," mutes the call he receives from the CIA (who is patching Nathan through). Only Nathan's half of this cutscene, in which he tries to warn the CIA to tell Clieford to wait until he arrives, was retained in the final version. This cutscene was likely added to give additional context after "Broken" became its own chapter.

The Shaman[]

As with "The Senator," the November 2012 test build contains nearly complete areas for this chapter. Concept art for it also exists in The Art of Beyond: Two Souls, an artbook included with the PC edition of the game.

Set before "Dragon's Hideout," the first half of this chapter would see Jodie, Ryan, Nick and Vince infiltrating a Russian village. In the village, they would meet the spiritual leader (the titular "shaman") who would explain to them how the Russian soldiers built the condenser, possibly via Jodie viewing his memories. With this information, the team would proceed further into the cave system and encounter the rift. Here, they would be cornered and trapped by General Nabokov,[9] leading to the second half of the chapter. In this segment, the team would seal the rift with explosives and fight Russian soldiers while escaping the base. At the end of the chapter, the team would return to the village for extraction.

Below is a translation of the French level design notes for the second half of this chapter.


  • Fight Jodie/soldier
  • Explosives
  • Landslide
  • Explosion (crate + ammunition)
  • Possession + blast
  • Destruction of gateway
  • Excavator
  • Possession + grenade
  • Blast gasoline can
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Pillar collapse
  • Possession + blast
  • Bridge
  • Pillar collapse
  • Rocket launcher
  • Explosive box
  • Blast vehicle
  • Pillar collapse
  • Gasoline + lamp


  • Shield last run
  • Pillar collapse
  • From the temple
  • Dirt road

Unsorted Locations[]

Concept art of a French condenser exists. This suggests that a third chapter in which Jodie destroys a foreign condenser was planned, but was scrapped early in development.


Black Sun[]

  • When Jodie is trying to avoid being spotted by the entities, there is an unused interaction labeled "AIDEN_BLAST," suggesting it was possible for Aiden to attack one of the entities.
  • Jodie could call out for Aiden while inside the Black Sun chamber, leading to her and Ryan discovering that he is being paralyzed by the condenser. Similarly, she could call out for Ryan after they are separated. These interactions are labeled "PressXToAiden" and "PressXToRyan" respectively, referencing the name of a popular glitch from Quantic Dream's previous title, Heavy Rain.

Early Builds[]

Earlier builds of the game contain a number of artistic and other changes not present in the final game.

E3 2012 Preview Build[]

  • The sequence where Jodie must push aside a passenger on the train to reach the compartment is absent from this build.
  • The combat sequences use QTEs in a similar style to Heavy Rain (including button presses), rather than the slowed directional movements present in the final game.
  • Similar to the above, Aiden's shield was activated by pressing a button rather than directing the orbs toward Jodie.
  • The sequence where Aiden heals Jodie if he fails to shield her on the train is absent from this build. Due to this, Jodie uses a different animation at the start of the forest section if she is injured from the jump.
  • The aura particle effects used when Aiden possesses someone are not present.
  • The forest chase sequence has several differences:
    • The prompts to avoid obstacles are different than in the final game, similar to the combat sequences.
    • The forest section originally allowed for more exploration, whereas in the final game Jodie is given a more rigid path to follow.
    • The sequence where Jodie is running through the forest used a longer timer (60 seconds compared to the final game's 38 seconds).
    • Along with the longer timer, it was originally possible to reach the rocks before encountering the police dogs, thus skipping the fight sequence.
  • During the fight with the police dogs, if Jodie failed to grab the rock to attack one of the dogs, Aiden intervened automatically without the player controlling him. In the final game, the action to scare off the dogs must be performed by the player.
  • When Jodie is on the motorbike, the bike is controlled by tilting the controller instead of using the joystick.

November 2012 Test Build[]

This build contains the full game, though some cutscenes and areas are unpolished.

General Differences[]

  • Dialogue choices float around Jodie's head, similar to how thoughts and dialogue were presented in Heavy Rain.
  • The sound settings include options to selectively lower or mute the volume of voice lines, music, and sound effects, similar to the sound settings in Heavy Rain.
  • The aura effects around characters and objects Aiden can interact with are less dense than in the final game.
  • The entities have a more vibrant, energy-like appearance, compared to the smoke-like entities seen in the final game.

The Condenser[]

  • Jodie wears a different outfit in this build, consisting of a red and white striped long-sleeved shirt and a gray hoodie with a green design. This version of her outfit can still be seen in concept art and the chapter's keyart.
  • There is an additional scene of Jodie being attacked by entities within the condenser room. This was likely removed due to pacing.

Like Other Girls[]

  • Jodie wears a different outfit in this build, consisting of a pink midriff-baring top, a ruffle skirt, and sneakers. Her hair is short, and she wears black eyeshadow (similar to the punk-styled outfit she wears in the final game, albeit less heavy). This version of her outfit was also shown in a November 2012 Game Informer issue that promoted the game.


  • Jodie wears a slightly different outfit in this build, consisting of a blue and white long-sleeved shirt. Her hair is also the same length as it was during "The Condenser." This version of her outfit can also be seen in the chapter's keyart.

The Dinner[]

  • There are several changes to Jodie's appearance and outfits in this build:
    • Her hair is tied up and has bangs, rather than the long ponytail she has in the final version.
    • Her starting outfit consists of a tank top and shorts.
    • If she chooses to take a shower, she wears lacy white and blue underwear.
    • The "Elegant" outfit has different jewelry.
    • The "Cool" outfit consists of a black and white layered shirt and jeans. This version can also be seen in concept art.


  • Jodie's arrest slip uses a different picture than in the final version.
  • As with the E3 build, Aiden intervened automatically to scare away the police dogs if Jodie failed to grab the rock to attack one of them. He can also more clearly be heard saying "Get out of here" or "Get off of her" during this scene.


  • There are some differences in gameplay elements in this build:
    • Aiden possesses Stan at the beginning of the chapter in order to make him notice Jodie, rather than simply disturbing objects to get his attention. This also made use of the removed "manual exit" mechanic for possessed characters mentioned above.
    • Aiden physically places Jodie into the memories of her birth and the future, rather than showing them to her in the form of television screens as in the final version. These cutscenes also used the same variation of the destroyed city that was intended to be used in the Prologue.
    • It is possible for Stan to die in the fire on this build. However, the resulting cutscene is unpolished, and it does not affect the Epilogue.


  • Jodie wears a head wrap at the beginning of the chapter. This can still be seen in the chapter's keyart, but was removed from the final game.

Old Friends[]

  • The park uses different lighting.
  • Cole wears a different outfit, consisting of a brown jacket and a black baseball cap.

Black Sun[]

  • Ryan wears a different outfit, consisting of a brown sweater and tan cargo pants.
  • Jodie's outfit is the same as the final version except for her shoes; in this build, she wears boots similar to the ones seen in "Broken".
  • The entrance hall to the DPA facility housing the Black Sun more closely resembles the concept art.
  • The Black Sun condenser has a different design, resembling the geometric spherical design seen in some concept art.
  • The Black Sun rift does not have a visible floor, and its energy tendrils are larger and more clearly visible.
  • Nathan is present when McGrath drugs Jodie. In the final version of this cutscene, he is absent.


  • Jodie's hair is tied up and she has bangs, unlike the final version where her hair is parted and worn down. This version of her ending model can also be seen on her model sheet, shown in the Visual Arts making-of video.
  • Cole wears a different outfit in the cutscene where he receives the princess drawing in the mail.




First Steps[]

The Condenser[]

Like Other Girls[]


New Agent[]

The Senator[]

The Dinner[]



The Shaman[]

Black Sun[]




  2. These chapters are grouped in the test build files as "SCENE 7: EXPERIMENTS". "Night Session" and "Hauntings" are internally designated as scenes 0703 and 0704 respectively, while "Alone" is designated as scene 0705.
  4. Restored Baby Jodie Segments
  5. Timeframe confirmed by concept art.
  6. Setting confirmed by a parking ticket from the city of Somerville in the parking garage area, as well as the presence of a waterfront outside of the convention center in concept art.
  8. Setting confirmed by the Kyel County police cars in "Hunted" and the Kyel County Sheriff's Office in "Broken" (visible when using a freecam). The office is also modeled after the Bazetta Township Administration Building in Cortland, Ohio.
  9. Name given in José Afonso's concept art for this chapter.