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Concept art of Saint John's Hospital by Geoffroy Thoorens

Saint John's Hospital is a location in Beyond: Two Souls. It is a high-security psychiatric hospital run by the Department of Paranormal Activities.

While on the run from the CIA, Jodie Holmes contacts Cole Freeman and inquires about the identity of her biological mother, whom she saw in a vision. He tells her that her name is Norah Gray and that she has been interned at Saint John's for the past twenty-four years. Jodie visits the hospital in hopes of meeting her mother.

With help from Aiden, Jodie is able to see several of Norah's memories and learns that she was drugged into a catatonic state. She expresses a desire to help her mother escape the hospital, but Norah tells her that it is too late. Jodie is forced to leave Norah behind and may choose to end her suffering. Afterward, Jodie is captured by the CIA.

The hospital may appear again in the Epilogue, depending on Jodie's choices.


A list of the hospital's floors can be seen next to the elevator.

  • 7: Asylum
  • 6: Neurology Center
  • 5: Adult Medicine Center
  • 4: Social Services, Medical Imaging and Consultation
  • 3: Management and IT
  • 2: Conference Room, Nursing Services, Human Resources, Library and Financial Services
  • L: Laboratory, Parkinson Unit, Pharmacy, Occupational Medicine
  • 0: Reception Hall
  • -1: Restaurant Business and Purchasing Department
  • -2: Maintenance
  • -3: Archives



List of the hospital's patients

A list of hospital patients can be seen on a computer monitor using a freecam.

  • Norah Gray
  • Roy Smith
  • Karl Johnson
  • Jim Williams
  • Bill Jones
  • Theodore Brown
  • Jon Davis
  • Tim Miller
  • Nicholas Wilson
  • Allen Moore
  • Tom Taylor
  • Bradley Anderson
  • Jeffery Thomas
  • Jonathan Jackson
  • Curtis White
  • Bernard Harris
  • Howard Thompson
  • Harold Martinez
  • Leonard Robinson
  • Jack Clark
  • Bryan Rodriguez
  • Frederick Lee
  • Chris Walker
  • Arthur Hall
  • Darryl Allen
  • Eugene Young
  • Jerry Hernandez

Chapter Appearances[]


  • Most of the asylum patients appear to be gifted humans, like Norah and Jodie. Entering certain rooms as Aiden prompts strange responses from some of the patients; they can apparently detect Aiden and Jodie's presence and automatically know their names.
  • The hospital appears to be in or near the Virginia area.
  • The list of hospital patients is reused for the computer screen in "Black Sun" with some alterations, showing some of the obscured patient surnames.