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"I won't leave you, I can stay and help you!"

Salim is a supporting character and antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls, he is the son of an Unnamed Man.

Character Information[]

Salim was born on November 7, 2004, from a Unnamed Man and a Unnamed Woman.

After Jodie uses Aiden to heal a bullet wound in Salim's leg, the boy helps her evade capture to execute her mission. To Jodie's horror, one of the men killed when her target is taken out is Salim's father. Salim tries to shoot and kill her in retaliation. When the enemies track Jodie down and try to kill her, Salim remains in the room, mourning his father who was killed by a soldier Aiden possessed. When Jodie is extracted via Ryan, Salim is seen cheering with the rest of the mob, suggesting he hadn't forgiven her.

Apart from the chapter Black Sun, when Jodie must reach the emergency deactivation panel in the midst of the sun, and a memory of Salim is shown, The Mission is the only chapter he is seen.


Note: It's to be noted the VA for Salim is not speaking Somalian, but Arabic — and apparently a very poor attempt at Modern Standard Arabic. Also, while the translations may not be literally correct, their context is the same.

  • When Jodie heals Salim's leg
    • "I can walk again! Are you a witch?"
  • When Jodie is attacked by a knife-wielding Somalian rebel
    • "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
  • When Jodie uses Aiden's shielding to protect the two of them from a hail of bullets
    • "Yup, you're a witch."
  • When Jodie must leave Salim to finish her mission alone
    • "No, no, it's okay, I can help you and stay by your side! ...You saved my life... I'll never forget that."
  • When Jodie inadvertently kills Salim's father
    • "No, father, don't leave me! ...You killed my father, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"


  • It is possible that Salim may be an orphan, as his father was killed by Aiden, and Salim never mentions his mother. However, it's also possible that his mother was evacuated from the warzone before the events of Jodie's mission, or that she was only hiding on a safe place, during the events.