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"I won't leave you, I can stay and help you!"
—Salim to Jodie

Salim is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls.

Events of Beyond: Two Souls[]

The Mission[]

After Jodie uses Aiden to heal a bullet wound in Salim's leg, the boy helps her evade capture to execute her mission. To Jodie's horror, Salim's father is killed when Aiden possesses a soldier and guns down everyone in the room save for her and Salim. Discovering his father's body, Salim tries to shoot and kill her in retaliation, but Jodie is shielded by Aiden. When Jodie is forced to flee afterwards, Salim remains behind, mourning his father. When Jodie is extracted via Ryan, Salim is seen cheering with the rest of the mob.

Black Sun[]

Salim appears as a memory when Jodie is approaching the emergency deactivation panel at the core of the condenser.


Salim's voice actor is not speaking Somali, but is instead speaking (apparently very poor) Modern Standard Arabic. These translations may not be literally correct, but the context is the same.

  • When Jodie heals Salim's leg: "I can walk again! Are you a witch?"
  • When Jodie is attacked by a knife-wielding Somalian rebel: "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
  • When Aiden shields Jodie and Salim from a hail of bullets: "Yup, you're a witch."
  • When Jodie tells Salim she must finish her mission alone: "No, no, it's okay, I can help you and stay by your side! ...You saved my life... I'll never forget that."
  • When Salim discovers his father's body: "No, father, don't leave me! ...You killed my father, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"


  • A piece of concept art resembling Salim is instead named "Aden." Whether this refers to a separate character or was an alternative name for Salim during development is unknown.