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"How old are you, miss?"
—Sam to Jodie

Sam is a minor antagonist in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in "Like Other Girls."

Character Information[]

Sam is the owner and bartender of the Red House Bar, an establishment Jodie visits in "Like Other Girls." For the most part, he keeps to himself and only really speaks when he questions Jodie on her age. Though not an active antagonist, when Earl and Frank make lecherous comments about Jodie and eventually act on those comments, he does nothing but stand by.

Should the player not get caught sneaking out of the DPA and make it safely to the bar and stay in it, Earl will begin to harass and then attempt to sexually assault Jodie with help from his friend Frank. Sam takes no action to prevent the assault, which may trigger Aiden to possess him and shoot all three men with a shotgun that Sam keeps behind the bar.